Show season in full swing

PLENTY TO SEE: Show Society secretary Don Murchie described the pavilion displays at Walcha - which includes the wool section - as the "best pavilions in the north".
PLENTY TO SEE: Show Society secretary Don Murchie described the pavilion displays at Walcha - which includes the wool section - as the "best pavilions in the north".

Show season is in full swing and the Walcha Show – on March 17 and 18 – isn’t far away.

After a meeting with the Showman’s Guild at the Glen Innes show, we were assured that a good contingent of side shows will be at Walcha.

The arrangement with Paper Dolls to have memberships payable there worked well last year and we thank Janelle and her helpers for providing this service.

If you aren’t already a member see Janelle or come to the office on Friday where membership tickets can be paid for – $25 allows you to have two adult and two child tickets and free entry to most show sections or $15 gets you one adult ticket and free entry to exhibit.

Because the Sydney Royal Easter Show is later this year, our group of shows had enough weekends to avoid bigger shows clashing. That means we have no other shows in the area on our weekend, which hopefully means more sideshows, traders, horses and exhibitors.

It is inevitable that some changes have to be made after the schedule is printed. One of these changes is that the stockman’s challenge will now only happen on Saturday evening after the demolition derby.

On Friday evening a special strong person display and competition will take place in front of the bar and the six-bar jumping competition will  be held in the ring instead of on Saturday.

The show will be opened by former Walcha girl and current Mrs Australia, Leila McDougall Sweeney and our 2017 showgirl entrant, Tanisha Daniel will be present during the show.

Joe Oppenheimer and friends will be providing musical entertainment in front of the bar after the fireworks on Friday evening and the rodeo and bull ride will be the entertainment for Saturday evening. 

All the usual attractions will be on including shearing, yard dog trials, pet show, the two best pavilions in the north, merino and meat sheep, cattle, horses, fireworks, demolition derby and much more.

Please remember, no cars through the main Derby Street gate, please enter via North Street and if you or anyone you know has an incident or mishap at the show please report it to the office so we can record the details even if no further action is necessary.

Please enjoy our wonderful show.


The Poultry Show is on the Saturday, although everybody is welcome to wander through on Friday as the the chicken entries start on that day.

Birds must be penned by 8.15am on Saturday, March 18. 

The Walcha Poultry Club hopes to have a display of layer chickens for sale on Saturday, anyone interested can contact Lance Partridge on 6777 8150. Lance is also taking entries up until Friday, March 17.

We always have a good display of poultry and the best time to view the birds is between 9am to 4pm on Saturday. Don’t miss it, it is a must see for the show.

Farm produce

Walcha always comes up with a great array of produce and veggies despite conditions that are not always ideal. Steward Andrew Robertson is confident the display will be a great spectacle in the main pavilion.

This year a few new classes have been added to the schedule with the number of junior entries increasing each year. We are always pleased to see new exhibitors.

Remember that the veggies and produce MUST be in by 10.30am on Thursday, March 16.