What's the Goss? Tragic farewell to Riharna

IT WAS extremely sad to hear former Walcha resident Riharna Thomson left this world late last week after suffering horrific head injuries when a horse she was riding trackwork in Canberra broke its leg and fell on her. Riharna was the daughter of Ian and Jane Thomson, ex-owners of both the Apsley Arms and Commercial Hotels here in town a few years back. Condolences to the Thomson family, including her brothers Colin and Braden along with younger sister Bessie. A celebration of Riharna’s 22 years on the planet will be held at Lincoln Grove Memorial Gardens in Tamworth tomorrow commencing at 2pm.

...the 'bird' making all the noise was in the club's poker machine room under the name of 'Peacock Magic'.

ON a much lighter note, Natasha Foster and Aimee Eveleigh were concerned that a car parked outside the ‘Boys Club” where the indoor hockey semi-finals were being held last week had its lights still on and its battery might go flat. Off they went in search of the owner whose personalised number plates started with MH. When they couldn’t find anyone, the “dynamic duo” came up with Plan B check to see if the car was unlocked and turn the lights off themselves. That was when they bumped into Matt Hamel who had been sitting in the car all the time and had just jumped out of his vehicle after turning the lights off. As Effie used to say, “how embarrassment”.

KINGS Guardian Pharmacy employee Chloe Hoy needed to phone Western Australia for some pharmaceutical assistance last week, but had trouble getting onto anyone who could help. When Chloe finally found someone, she mentioned to the person on the other end of the “dog and bone” how difficult it had been to make contact with anyone over in the west. There was a suggestion made that it may have something to do with the time being 6am in Western Australia. Just because it is 9am in Walcha, doesn't mean it is the same time everywhere else, Chlo.

A WHILE back, “Geraldin” resident Suzie Harrison was setting up for a fundraiser at the bowling club when she heard a peacock letting everyone know it was in the area. After a few times, Suzie asked B.C. CEO Deon Lawrence who owned the peacock, only to be informed the “bird” making all the noise was in the club’s poker machine room under the name of “Peacock Magic”.

THE B.C. was certainly bouncing last Saturday evening, not only with the cricket presentations, but also the 50th birthday party for Jacki Byrne which was fancy dress to a “groovy” theme. One party-goer, “Chocy” Laurie, looked like he was either impersonating Malcolm Naden or Sam Thaiday. Ironic really, because a while back, Lachlan pulled a prank on his mother Jenny which revolved around the movements of fugitive Naden when he was on the loose. See Jenny or Chocolate for more details.

TOUCH football head honcho Ben Ussher received a request from secretary Lacey Latham to pick up the score cards from her office to use for last Thursday’s games because she couldn’t do the job. Unfortunately, Ben was a bit absent-minded and forgot to grab them which caused problems until council cleaner Jenny Haslem came to the rescue with a set of keys to assist someone grab the score cards.

AFTER offering me a lift home from the B.C. last Saturday evening following the cricket presentations, Brian Wellings drove straight past my house in Apsley Street, hung a left and set sail up Middle Street. By the time we had reached the caravan park, Brian had realised what he was doing and asked me why I hadn’t said anything. My reply was, “I was having too much fun and wanted to see where we were going to end up”. Brian promptly executed a U-turn and finalised the fun.

WALCHA Golf Club have a raffle with a difference going at the moment which will be drawn at the club’s presentation night early in December. The prize is a trip for two to Fiji, all airfares and accommodation for seven nights included with two games of golf optional. For more information or purchase of a ticket, please contact club director Miles Archdale.

BIG Wigs of the Week: Newie - Jim Bob Smith aka Kalie Smith, Pick the Card 20 points and a six pack. B.C. - Jenny Bowden, Mark Fergerson 14 pts; Westend Store - Mel Hawkins 14 pts; Prime Meats - Bevis Hoy, Marj Dunn, Jonny Cross 12 pts; Vet Supplies - Kyle Goodwin, Harry King Bonnie Smith 10 pts.

JUST when you think footy tipping is easy, up she comes and bucks the rider. Not saying it was an easy round to pick last week, but I sure thought more than three of my selection would have got up. Anyway, back to the drawing board which may involve getting some assistance from Katie Smith.

CR Richael Wellings got herself into a bit of a pickle when she parked her car on the footpath outside the abode of Maxine and Daniel Green in Fitzroy Street last week. Nothing that some assistance from father-in-law Brian Wellings and her husband Josh couldn’t fix.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 11 Walcha Central School students who have qualified for NSW Swimming Championships at Homebush next month. Full details next week.

To read the full report about Uralla’s defeat of Colts to become the 2016-17 cricket premiers, visit www.walchanews.com.au