Our doctor search gathers momentum

Last week Director of Engineering Dylan Reeves and myself attended the National Heavy Vehicle conference in Forbes where Dylan did a presentation on Walcha's move to allow HML (heavy mass limits) and LLS (livestock loading scheme) access to the Councils roads. Dylan's thorough report was very well received by industry and Government representatives. These schemes allow trucks to legally carry higher mass weights and therefore reduce freight costs.

The previous Walcha Council and Dylan along with the assistance of Graeme Hoare and Steven Haslem, were very proactive in implementing these strategies. It caused one industry delegate to comment that Walcha should be amalgamated- with most other rural councils so we can bring them into the modern era. I will write more on these and what they entail when they are fully implemented.

The VMO/Doctor search is gaining momentum with the advertisement out there in cyberspace. The job appears to be a very attractive one and hopefully will reap rewards.

Council has produced a brochure in conjunction with Dr Allen highlighting the benefits of the town and the practice. Copies of this will be available at the Council Office if any one wishes to take some to other towns etc to promote this opportunity.

Council has sent three representatives to a tourism forum in Taree to network and learn strategies to promote and increase tourism in the area. Jen Kealy, Suzie Crawford and Lisa Kirton will carry the banner for Walcha and I am sure will return with some new and innovative ideas. I am not too sure who of the three is the chaperone!!

The economic study into the viability of the Apsley River Dam is well underway and will hopefully be presented to Council in the near future. Any resident who has an idea for water driven industry in Walcha is welcome to inform Councillors of their proposal and it will be included in the report.

The push by locals to make Walcha a plastic shopping bag free town can only have positive results. The damage these bags cause to the environment is quite often not seen but is devastating to marine life and many other areas due to the slow rate they break down.

Council is still focused on rolling out the blue property signs to easily identify farms to emergency services and maybe unwanted distant relatives. It is far better to have one of these than to be in a situation where you wished you did. Contact the engineering department if you want to get involved in this scheme, it is a very easy process.

Walcha Show is on again this weekend and with the work that goes into it will once again be a spectacle well worth the visit. The grounds look fantastic and with a good season exhibits should be of a very high standard. Pop along and try a Dagwood dog or some fairy floss for old time sake. Good luck to Gus Monie and his crew for another successful show.

If anyone wishes to contact myself or other Councillors my mobile number is 0428 774504, and all other Councillors are in the Quota Book under their mobile numbers.