IGA development objection #ourwalcha

As a current resident ratepayer and visitor to the town over the past 50 years, I have written to council to lodge an objection to the current proposed development application for a new supermarket on Fitzroy Street.

My objections to the development are primarily based on a lack of information within the documents submitted with the application, and consequently the detrimental effects it will have on the town through the part demolition of an early (possibly 1850’s – 1860’s) heritage building. The building which currently houses the craft and op shop at the front was Hardaker’s General Store & Residence (possibly 150 – 160 yrs old) and it provides a unique and tangible link to Walcha’s unique past and is a fantastic asset for the town to have.

The fact that the building has survived to the present should be relished and the building should be treated with respect and cherished for future generations (both residents and visitors alike) to enjoy. This building and the history that goes with it is an irreplaceable asset that must be treated with the utmost care and respect that it deserves.

I am not opposed to the development per se, as it is likely that it will bring benefits to the town.  My objection is purely aimed at the heritage aspect only.

In the Council Report on the application the  comment was made that the front of the building will be retained and beautified in keeping with its heritage feel.

I believe that this comment reflects my overriding sentiments that the building, in its entirety, has heritage value (or heritage feel). The recognition by the author that there is indeed heritage value in the craft shop should be reason enough to consider that the entire building should be researched.