Paula Jenkins at the Resplendent exhibition

Paula Jenkins with a Sally Gabori work

Paula Jenkins with a Sally Gabori work

Walcha based artist Paula Jenkins recently visited the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) to view the current exhibition ‘Resplendent'.

The show highlights female artists within the NERAM collections from inter-war modernists to contemporary practitioners that demonstrate an affinity for and experimentation with colour.

Paula is renowned for her exuberant use of colour, so it is unsurprising that the exhibition resonated with her.  

“This fabulous exhibition is amazing,” said Paula.

“The variety of works exhibit a wide range of styles and art practices which have been born out of the life and external influences of the women of the time. Still Life subjects seemed common amongst the women along with the use of beautiful and vibrant colours. 

“The exhibition includes some women artists of whom I’m familiar with such as Margaret Olley, Thea Proctor and aboriginal artist Sally Gabori to name a few, though I was surprised to see works from a number of women artists of whom I hadn’t heard of before. 

“What fascinated me the most when browsing the exhibition was imagining what their lives must have been like at the time and the possible challenges posed as being a female artist during a male dominated art era.”

Paula is pictured with a work by Sally Gabori, who was a contemporary artist of considerable sophistication and dare and a distinguished senior Kaiadilt woman artist from Bentinck Island in the Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria. 

Her indefatigable zeal to communicate her stories, knowledge, and experiences accumulated over an incredible life — spanning over 90 years — won her great admiration and has left an astonishing cultural legacy.