What's the goss? Green's "Beamer" adventures

IVY Bank grazier, golf club president and “Hushpuppies” tragic Allan Green tested the airbags in his BMW the other day, but it wasn’t because he wanted to. After his much better half Colleen pointed out there was something wrong with the “Beamer”, Al suggested she take the work vehicle and he would drive the BMW to sort out what was wrong.

ANYWAY, off they went down the Ivy Bank track with Colleen leading the way until she had to stop for a beast on the road. Unfortunately, “Greeny” didn’t react quickly enough, and ploughed straight into the back of the lead vehicle, setting off all the airbags in his car. There was a little whisper that the radiator wasn’t in real good shape, either.

ON a recent trip to Tasmania, North Street resident Julie Hoad was concerned about mosquitoes being present in the caravan she was occupying with her husband Barry, so she decided to give the van a good once-over with insect repellant – or so she thought. It didn’t take long for “Jules” to realise, after she had completed her task, that the spray was in fact cooking oil, not repellant. As Julie confessed: “Didn’t it make a mess!”

WALCHA Council urban works supervisor 2IC Harley Fontanella experienced a few problems while leaving his Pakington Street residence in his work ute last week. With the heater on full bore, Harley failed to hear anything when one of the ladder racks on the back of the ute got caught up in his clothesline – with devastating effect.

ALTHOUGH “Font” didn’t hear the commotion, he soon realised he had pulled the top off his clothesline and dragged it up his driveway about five metres, clothes and all. The upside to the story is that the clothes escaped without injury, but the downside was the clothesline wasn’t quite as lucky.

WALCHA Telecottage CEO Anthea Macpherson and her son Darcy enjoyed a meal at the Chinese Restaurant last Friday evening, but had bit of trouble getting out of the dining area after they had finished eating. The problem was one of the Newie staff had accidently locked the pair in the restaurant, but it wasn’t long before Suzie Li came to the rescue, helping set Anthea and Darcy free.

GOLFER Sally McCormack was having some trouble finding her sticks not long back, but only because she was a little absent-minded at the time. The problem was Sal forgot she had purchased a new set of clubs and was attempting to locate her old ones which weren’t there anymore. The new set must be going alright, as Sal won the weekly nine-hole competition last Saturday and also took out the NTP on three.

MUDGEE school teacher and sometime “Quiet Valley” resident Andrew Laurie received a pleasant surprise recently when he was part of the Mudgee footy team that had a practise run against the Country Squad before the final City v Country game at Mudgee a couple of weeks ago. “Andy” got to mark Titans winger Anthony Don who he went to Newcastle University with a few years back.

With the heater on full bore, Harley failed to hear anything when one of the ladder racks on the back of the ute got caught up in his clothesline – with devastating effect.

JILLAROOS player Kimberley Lisle, who also happens to be the sister of Andrew Laurie, was unlucky with her only conversion attempt at Boggabri last Saturday when she hit an upright with a kick from out wide in the field. Jillaroos coach Kevin Creighton immediately mentioned that at least Kimberley could kick better than her father, Roos legend and life member, Robert.

BACK in 1975, “Truck” was credited with having kicked a field goal in the Group 4 grand final against Werris Creek, which Walcha won. A few people know that “Truck” actually knocked the ball on, and before it hit the ground, it landed on his foot and sailed between the sticks. And what’s more, he managed to fool the referee who raised his arm and awarded Walcha the field goal.

IT certainly will not sent shockwaves through the local snooker fraternity, but Dick Bowden and AJ Cross were beaten 2-1 in their doubles match last week by Bruce Hunt and his son, Robbie. At one stage, Dick declared he would have to be the worst player in the world, but he then proceeded to pot a few balls which helped us to win the opening frame. Unfortunately, the match was all pretty much downhill from there - at least for Dick and myself.

ROOS captain-coach Troy Yarnold returned to the Paddock last Saturday following his recent broken thumb and, although Walcha lost to Boggabri, “Trumby” was a winner anyway. Playing in the centre, Troy was in guernsey number 4 and had himself in the doubles four times with his chances of winning increasing when he scored the Roos’ first try. He pocketed the cash after one of the Boggy front rowers plunged over the line shortly after.

SORRY, no Big Wigs this week as your columnist had to depart earlier in the week for Canberra to attend the arrival County Pool Managers Conference before results were available. Watch out for any notable scores to get a mention in What’s the Goss in the Walcha News next week.