Walcha butcher left in the dog house

EARLY this week, Bulldogs tragic Wendy Starr visited Prime Meats. Butcher Jonnie Cross, who lives not far from Wendy, asked her if she experienced a blackout on Sunday when the footy was on NBN. When Wendy replied in the negative, Panthers Supporter Jonnie asked her if she knew what the score was between the Dogs and the Panthers, because he had missed it due to the “blackout”. The penny suddenly dropped. Jonnie was having Wendy on and what was said then can’t be printed here. Don’t think it had anything to do with the Penrith 38, Canterbury 0 though.

ON the subject of the “Hushpuppies”, in my wisdom, I selected them in the BC footy tipping competition last week, which turned out to be the only incorrect pick. Thankfully, I came to my senses before registering my other three tipping cards and took the Panthers.

FORMER Walcha shearer David “Hip” Harvey left this world nearly a month ago and if that wasn’t sad enough, his wife Sandra joined him three weeks later. To lose both parents in such a short period of time would be devastating to say the least. Condolences to their children Michael and Graham (“Grub”) along with all other family members and friends of “Hip” and Sandra, who had been living at Bribie Island for quite some time.

HAD the pleasure of attending an Eagles Revival concert at Capitol Theatre in Tamworth along with some other Walcha Eagles fans last Friday night. The row in front - Rob and Sandra Laurie, Linda Cross and her other half (me), Paula Dyason, Mark Fox and Liz Hobbs - were seated, while Donna and Kel Meredith were a few rows further down. Right down the front in the “moshpit” section was Rams president Andrew Crawford and his better half Virginia, who seemed to be enjoying themselves.

THE band got better the longer they went on, finalising their performance with an encore - Hotel California – which certainly received plenty of participation from the audience. Wouldn’t be surprised if Liz Hobbs had to visit a physiotherapist Saturday morning to put her neck back into place after “Trish” gave it a proper work out during the show.

OUR quartet – Truck, Sandy, Linda and myself – stayed down at Tamworth Friday night during which time we experienced the bat problem the city has. The noise and mess the bats make is an annoying concern for not only the residents, but the people appointed to get rid of them.

Some tipsters have already resigned themselves to the fact that they are just in it... for the end of season barbecue

FORMER Walcha News editor and author of the Walcha Rams bible Memories from Scrum and Ruck, Graham Croker, was back in town last weekend during which time he took in the Rams v Pirates match on Saturday. The previous evening, “Croke” made it a point to visit most “watering holes” to catch up with some long-lost mates and unfortunately for him, misplaced his mobile phone. Despite a thorough search on Saturday morning, he was unable to find the “dog and bone”. If you happened to pick up a phone last Friday night, please let me know and I’ll catch up with “Croke”.

“CROKE” compiled the book to help commemorate 100 years of rugby  union in Walcha between 1894 and 1994. How quickly we forget that was 23 years ago now. Memories from Scrum and Ruck is a history of the Walcha Rugby Union Club up until 1994, an excellent informative read and a book I personally use from time to time when researching certain things about the Rams. Wonder if there will be a volume two down the track?

YOU can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy. What a nice gesture former Walcha resident Jock Armstrong made after he was named Man of the Match in a recent game between his team Randwick and North Sydney. Jock donated his $500 cheque – which goes to a junior club of the players’ choice – to Walcha Junior Rugby. 

BIG Wigs of the Week: Prime Meats - Jonnie Cross, Brian Wellings, Big Tom Boyd, A.J. Cross; Apsley - Lynden Partridge, Graeme Hislop, AJ Cross; Newie – Share Britten, Jenny Hill, Blue Hoy, Paddles Chandler, Kobi Denniss, Cheryl Stackman, Tim Stackman, AJ Cross; BC - Cheryl Stackman and Di Byrne, Marg Morris, John Mann, Kristy Lawrence, Tara Stackman (all picked the card); West End Store - Mel Hawkins, Kathy Innes; Vet Supplies – Kyle Goodwin (all 12 pts).

HALFWAY mark leaders: Newie - Jenny Hill 150, Ross Green 142, Jock Abraham 140; BC – John Mann 142, Tara Stackman 140, Matt Harel 136, Marg Morris 134; Apsley - Tony Sovza 139, Ian Cameron, AJ Cross Troy Le Strande 122; Vet Supplies - Kyle Goodwin 136, Harry King 126, Kate Lyon 124; Prime Meats - Clint Lyon 140, Stephen Dunn 136, Kate Lyon, Brian Wellings, Big Tom Boyd 132; West End - Chadin Hawkin 127, Troy Hawkins 122, Mel Hawkins 120.

SOME tipsters have already resigned themselves to the fact that they are just in their competitions for the end of season barbecue, unlike all the halfway mark leaders. Interesting to see Wests Tigers supporter John Mann is leading the BC competition, meaning either “Ming” hasn’t been tipping his beloved Tigers, or has been getting all the rest of his selections correct.