Emergency levy reversal a step back

The State Government’s backflip on the Emergency Services Levy is, in my opinion, a retrograde step for local property and home owners. 

The placement of this Levy on only people who insure their property as opposed to all property owners sees an inequity when all are offered the same protection.

If, as proposed it became a Levy on rates, all property owners would foot the bill and gain the same service.

NSW is the only state to maintain its collection on Insurance policies.

Councils were well down the road to implementing this Levy when the reversal was announced. 

Obviously, any money invested in consultants and new technology is now in jeopardy.  

It was sad to hear of the loss of two Walcha citizens who were veterans of WW2. Bruce Steel and John Cordingley both saw active service for our country and returned to forge successful careers in the rural industry. 

Bruce fought in Borneo and was Walcha’s last surviving WW2 veteran, while John fought at Moratai in Indonesia.  

To the families of both men, Councillors offer their condolences. Their legacy will certainly live on through their descendants who carry on their life’s work. 

In the last couple of weeks, I have attended significant anniversaries at both the MPS and Riverview.

These two facilities are a credit to their management and staff and the scone cooks might like to sponsor my gym membership. 

By the time I write my next column, the VMO changes will have taken place at the MPS. 

Everything is in place for a smooth transition, and the Walcha General Practice will continue to operate as it does now.