Top dog has a yarn at the pub

FIRST up, my humblest apologies to Sue and Bradden Jackson who in last week’s W.T. Goss column were reported as “sniffing through poo” in an attempt to find Sue’s wedding ring after their son Tim had swallowed it when he was a baby. That wasn’t the case, and how “siftin” became sniffing between the time it left me and when it was printed is anyone’s guess. Sorry about that guys.

ACTING Prime Minister, former Woolbrook resident and Walcha Rams player Barnaby Joyce was back in town last Friday afternoon and one of his ports of call was the Apsley Arms Hotel where he had a yarn with  a few of the patrons. By all accounts, Barnaby had half a dozen minders with him at the time, something that goes with being the nation's “head honcho”, even if you are just filling in.

DURING recent times, Roos squad member Hugh McCormack tried his hand at a different game – bingo - and early on his first attempt thought he had hit the jackpot when bowling club president Maureen Duck called out the opening number, which Hughie had. Thrilled to bits at landing the first number, Hugh strode up to collect his prize, all full of pride, only to be informed by caller “Pet” that he also had to get the rest of the numbers on his sheet. Talk about instant deflation, and something Hughie never recovered from that night.

NOT so long ago, Pakington Street shearer the late Robert Swanton was known to turn up at work wearing his slippers. Hence “Strawb” earned the nickname “Slippers”. Well, just the other day, his grandson William Peacock followed in his grandfather’s footsteps by wearing his slippers into a woolshed and picked up a new nickname of his own. Bet you can’t guess what it is... “Slippers”, of course. Certainly one way to keep a family tradition going.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, NSW have won the State of Origin series after beating Queensland last night.

THEY were trying to give their money away at the Apsley Arms last Friday afternoon - the patrons that is. First up, the golden-haired wonder child Steph Sweeney left his wallet in the bottle shop after making a purchase and didn’t the minders of acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce think it was humorous when Apsley co-host Lizzie raced outside attempting to catch Stevie before he drove off.

ABOUT two hours later, Eels supporter Tim Rumbel bid his farewells and exited the bar minus his wallet. Luckily, someone spotted it and after a quick quiz, worked out who the owner was just as Johnny Bell raced outside to catch Tim before he disappeared minus his loot. If at any stage you find an excess of funds you can’t deal with boys, you know where I live.

ONE prize most golfers try to avoid in a stroke medal round is the “Pink Shirt” which goes to the player with most putts on the day and, although former English wrestler Mal Ballard didn’t collect the monthly trophy last Sunday, he put himself in line to do so when he four-putted one hole. Just for the record, Brian “Magpie” Lynch was the winner with 35 jabs.

A THREE putt on any given hole at golf is affectionately know as a snake which is something all golfers attempt to steer clear of at all costs. When some of Mal’s fellow players were informed about his misfortune, they not only put the snake on him but renamed it an “anaconda” with reference to a big snake.

ON the subject of golf, Walcha council quartet Wayne Brennan, Simeon Cross, Steph Sweeney and A. J . Cross are all off to “Kooralbyn Valley” this Sunday. Only time will tell, but there may be a chance of an “anaconda” or two during the four rounds of golf they are scheduled to play. No doubt if there is, you will find out about if when the “Fearsome Foursome” returns, despite what goes on tour should stay on tour.

HOPEFULLY, by the time you read this, NSW have won the State of Origin series after beating Queensland last night. For what it is worth, NSW 22, Queensland 16 – we can only  live in hope.

NO Big Wigs this week due to only four games being contested in the NRL last weekend. One tipster who wasn’t tickled pink about the results was Newcastle Knights supporter and my favourite son “Big Benny” Cross. At the Apsley Arms, Ben failed to select one winner and wasn’t too thrilled when the Knights snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the Hush Puppies last Sunday.

CONGRATULATIONS to Redneck Rockthrowers Chris Watts and “Big Tom” Boyd who won the 2017 Oxley Darts Doubles Championships last Thursday night when they defeated Icicles duo veteran Garth Clare and youngster Ben Watts 2 -1 in the final. A total of 15 teams lined up on the night.

OUR usual travelling footy trio of Roos president Perc Berry, Jillaroos manager Di Green and yours truly had an extra in the vehicle last Saturday when former Roos player Toney “Uncle” McKenna tagged along out to Bingara. “Unc” was one of three Roos players who were unfortunate enough to lose three Reserve grand finals in Group 4 Second Division in a row (1993, ‘94 and ‘95), all against South Tamworth. Although quite a few players were involved in more than one decider, the only other two to play all three were Martin Smith and A.J. Cross. Over 20 years ago – how time files when you are having a good time.