Northern Inland Regional Waste keeping it clean in Walcha

One of two new bins recently installed in McHattan Park

One of two new bins recently installed in McHattan Park

Two new litter bins have been installed in McHattan Park that are easy to keep clean and are graffiti-repellent.

The bins are part of an anti-litter campaign council is working on as part of a Northern Inland Regional Waste (NIRW) group initiative. NIRW has received an $88,000 grant from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to reduce litter across the region.

McHattan Park – along with six other recreational parks in New England North West – was selected to receive the new bins. The NSW anti-litter campaign is about reducing litter, making it easy to use bins and making the community aware of the environmental and health issues around litter.

The aim is to reduce litter by 40 per cent by 2020. Project sites will be monitored to review changes in littering behaviour of park users over coming months.

A spokesperson for the NIRW said a well-cared for park makes people less likely to litter and the public may not be aware that fines for littering average $200.

The EPA is also encouraging anyone witnessing litter being thrown from a vehicle to report the matter online, providing the vehicle registration and location. Those reporting littering have to be willing to attend court as a witness if required, but anyone found guilty can be fined up to $250.