Walcha's Ayllie to pedal for Australia

GOOD luck to local cyclist Ayllie Allen who jets out of Australia on Saturday to compete in the Gran Fondo Masters World Championships in France. Speaking to Aylllie last week, there was mention she was a bit apprehensive about riding for Australia but also added it would be an amazing experience and she was very honoured to ride wearing Australian national colours. Go Ayllie.

WOOLBROOK larrikin “Arab” Gissell was farewelled in style at the Woolbrook Hall last Friday with numerous locals from Walcha and Woolbrook along with plenty of visitors from Bourke (one of Arab’s old stomping grounds) in attendance. May Barry John Gissell, April 26, 1940 - August 1, 2017 now rest in peace.

ONE person in attendance was Kevin Creighton, an old “Bourke boy” who worked there early in his career and knew “Arab” from those days. K.C. was in his element catching up with plenty of good mates he hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was two reunions in a row for Kev, who also was involved with the 1997 Rams premiership get together the previous weekend.

ROOS hooker Ben Moran became a bit agitated while attempting to move some topsoil with the bucket on the front of the tractor he was using at Ruby Hills the other day. As hard as he tried, Benny wasn’t able to get much in the bucket until he worked out he hadn’t been levelling the bucket before heading into the soil.

Commencing at the start of October, the golf club will be conducting a Sunday nine-hole competition designed to attract parents and their kids along to play at the same time as the main comp.

ROOS president Peter Berry soon found out why it is essential to wear a pair of gloves and at least a beanie after he joined Wayne Brennan and yours truly for a 5am bicycle ride last week. Let’s just say “Perky” was a bit better prepared the following morning.

ON the subject of bike riding and Brenno, he is not one to cause trouble, but during recent times he rode up behind Apsley Arms co-host Lizzie Manns while she was walking her hound Malibu and scared the living daylights out of her. Not that Wayne would have done it on purpose.

CONGRATULATIONS to “Willow Tree” resident Simone Sweeney who shot a hole-in-one on the 16th last Sunday in the presence of her husband David and son Brenin which should have been special in itself. Rumor has it neither of the boys were watching at the time though. Well done anyway, Mrs Sweeney.

DETAILS are still a bit sketchy about how touch footy life member and Roos gatekeeper Bill Bullock come unstuck while transferring the gate takings from the bowling club end gate to the kiosk last Saturday, but there is little doubt he did hit the deck with the cash. There was a rumour that his offsider Dal Evans tripped him and there was also talk the money bag may have been a bit heavy for Bill. See either one of the “Dynamic Duo” for more information about the incident.

COMMENCING at the start of October, the golf club will be conducting a Sunday nine-hole competition designed to attract parents and their kids along to play at the same time as the main comp. There has already been some interest shown and hopefully it will be successful as in all sports, juniors are the future. Stay tuned for more information closer to tee-off day.

THE Roos held their “Silly Sunday” last weekend after their season ended the previous day, but it was quite sombre compared to most more than likely because their teammate Benny Green wasn’t there with them. Diminutive winger Jhorden Coulter received 3 Group and 3 Club B + F points along with the players’ player award for a performance that showed how big a ticker he really has got when it came to “party time”.

LAST week when I went to put any footy tips in at Prime Meats, the decision was also made to purchase some mince for some home-made rissoles. The order was made with my godson, Panthers tragic and fellow “mollydooker” Jonathon Cross requesting just $10 worth. Nothing special about that, but please read on.

AFTER Jonnie had grabbed a good hand full of mince, he lifted the plastic bag it was in up to check it and decided there was three or four granules too many which he removed and threw back into the main pile. When he then put the bag of mince on the scales, guess what the cost was? $9.95. If only he had left it in the first place.

BIG Wigs of the week: Apsley - Ben Cross, Scotty Withers, Jhorden Coulter, Bob Crisp; Newie – Bob Watts, Greg Schaefer, Wendy Starr (all 14 pts); West End Store - Dos O’Shannasy, Mitch Dunn; Prime Meats – 10 tipsters including Big Tom Boyd, Stephen Dunn and A.J. Cross; Vet Supplies - Kyle Goodwin, Jase Scott, Peter King, Narelle Dale (all 12 pts). Bad luck to all the Tigers supporters who took the Sea Eagles.

THUMBS up to Walcha Taxi Service operator Julie Keogy who won the rugby league wood raffle last Saturday and re-donated  back to be re-raffled with proceeds going for Roos player Ben Green who returned home from Tamworth Base Hospital on Tuesday. Goon on ya, Julie.