Goodbye to great all-rounder

SAD to hear “Brooklyn” grazier and former talented all-round sportsman Robbie Brazel left this world last week. Condolences to Robbie’s wife Maree, children Kurtis and Eleanor, parents Rodney and Claire, brothers Graeme, Peter and Dale along with all other family members and his many friends. May Robert Charles Brazel, November 19, 1963 to August 15, 2017 now rest in peace.

ROCKIN” was more than handy at all sports he played including cricket, golf and rugby where he displayed plenty of natural ability. “Braz” played cricket for Colts and the Walcha District team and was named Walcha Cricketer of the Year in 1993 when he shared the award with Jamie Bowden. He also played in numerous NSW 4BBB Sandgreen Championships both at home and away including one memorable event at Trangie with his playing partner “Spook” O'Shannessy, where they were disqualified after they turned up late for their tee off time.

THERE was a mention in last week’s column about lady golfer Simone Sweeney hitting a hole in one on the 16th here on the Walcha course in the presence of her husband David and son Brehnin. There was no mention of the 43 balls Simone collected from the “Eagles Nest” which is kindly sponsored by Neil and Lyn Dark Plumbing. By all accounts, club captain Willy Brennan informed Simone she was only entitled to 18 balls because she was a woman, which didn’t worry her one little bit. Not a bad bonus on top of the excitement of hitting the ace, Simone.

DURING recent times, a number of mothers and daughters headed to Coffs Harbour for a girls’ weekend. While they were down there, a visit to the Big Banana was on the agenda where Jorji Ledingham asked her “adopted mum” for the weekend, Sally Munday, why some bananas were wrapped up in plastic which prompted an answer Jorji probably didn’t expect.

Funny that here I was thinking all that banana bending took place at Bendemeer.

SALLY explained to Jorji that those particular bananas were straight and that a bloke came around periodically to bend them a bit until they were curved enough to sell. Funny that here I was thinking all that banana bending took place at Bendemeer.

DEPUTY council urban works supervisor Harley Fontanella received a little surprise as he drove into town last week from his Emu Creek road worksite when he looked in his rear vision mirror only to see papers flying out of the back of his ute. Before Harley could retrieve the half a dozen sheets of paper, a car came along and ran over them but he did manage to pick the lot up, wheel tracks and all.

ON arrival back at the worksite, Harley was a bit sheepish as he told me that the lid of my esky had flown off just as he passed Rumors Nightclub owned by the late “Cubby” Wilson and the six sheets had escaped. Harley’s mind was put at rest when I informed him that although the sheets contained both What’s the Goss and Sports Shorts for last week’s Walcha News, they had already been faxed away which was just as much my relief as it was his.

THE Armidale Harlequins’ 3rd grade field hockey team consists mainly of Walcha players and although they haven’t won many games this season, they have a good time both on and off the field. That was evident when the girls Kylie, Hannah and Georgia Dunn, Phillipa and Kristy Lawrence, Michelle Wake, Sonia and Annabelle Green called in at the bowling club for a few refreshments after their game last Sunday. Chloe Mackaway is a member of the team but is out at the moment with a broken jaw, while former Walcha resident Sally Davidson (nee Barnett) and her two daughters Zoe and Ollie are also teammates.

RELIEVING New England Hotel host Peter Berry couldn’t find his mobile phone last Thursday no matter where he searched all around town, including Foodworks. “Perky” finally located his “dog and bone” in his car after quite a frustrating time where not one swear word was murmured.

ALTHOUGH the Walcha Rams were defeated by Pirates last Sunday in their Central North major semi-final, the reason certainly wasn’t lack of support. The north-western corner of Chillingworth Oval was a sea of red and white after plenty of supporters made the journey to Tamworth to cheer on the Rams. Hopefully, Walcha can put out the Gunnedah Red Devils fire this Saturday here at home and qualify for a rematch with Pirates.

RUGBY rules are something I don’t know enough about to make many comments, but I do know when one team doesn’t get a 50-50 shake from the referee. With a bit of luck, the Rams might get a few line ball decisions go their way if they get another crack at the Pirates.

JILLAROOS supporters please be aware the minor semi-final between Walcha and Dungowan is being played at Bendemeer this Saturday commencing at 1pm not 1.30pm as it has been during the season. Go girls.

BIG Wigs of the week: Bowling Club - Peter Hayes; Apsley – Crisp, Lizzie Manns; Newie - Irwin Defleson; West End Store - Eligh Duck, Cathy Innes (all picked the card); Vet Supplies - Narelle Dale (14 pts). Special mentions - “Big Bad Bob” Crisp third week in a row top tipster at Apsley and to good samaritan Wendy Starr who filled in Irwin “Delta’s’ full card at the Newie once again.