Meet the Walcha Rams 2017 First Grade team

The Walcha Rams first grade team was training hard on Tuesday night to prepare for the Club’s first grand final since 2012. Twenty years ago the Walcha Rams won the premiership and we hope history repeats itself this Saturday in Tamworth.

Below the Club’s president Andrew Crawford gives us a rundown on the Walcha Rams first grade team to play this weekend coached by Hyde Thomson and Barry Hoy.

No 1 Prop: Ross Fletcher – Ross is one of the best props running around in the Central North this year. He is Walcha’s stay end and with ball in hand always gets over the advantage line. Along with his polarizing defence he is a key member of this years squad.

No 2 Hooker: Jock Fortescue – Jock is a scrumaging specialist averaging a tight head nearly every game. His ability to secure turnover is a real attribute to the team. Don’t look wide, he will be in tight. A true menace for the opposition.

No 3 Loose Head Prop: Thomas Hoy – A very smart young footballer. (Maybe a backs brain in a forward body) Thomas has the unique ability to put himself in the right spot at the right time always making the advantage line giving his team a real advantage.

No 4 Second Row: Sandy Cameron -  There are few tougher in the forward pack. This is Sandy’s first season back from a shoulder reconstruction and he has without doubt made up for lost time. He is one of the packs leaders, he gets through a mountain of defence and has more than his fair share of ball carriers

No 5 Second Row: Sione Kamoto – Walcha’s favourite adopted son. Born in Tonga, Sione has been here for 2 years. He eats, sleeps rugby and has cemented his position as a fearless runner with super human strength. He gives his team real go forward and can be a real game changer.

No 6 Blindside Breakaway: Dave Healley – First season for the rams this old stayer brings real experience and know how to the forward pack. He doesn’t have reverse and can always be seen doing more than is expected of him.

No 7 Open Side Breakaway: Henry King – A welcome addition to the rams this year. Henry’s skill and knowledge of the game has helped the team become a real power house in the zone. He is without doubt one of the zones leading open side breakaways. His defence is impeccable and with ball in hand creates lots of opportunities for his team mates.

No 8 Captain: Will Fletcher – The teams fearless leader that starts breakfast on Saturdays mornings with a bucket of nails. Will leads by example with his fierce defence and hard ball running inspiring his team mates. Will leaves no stone unturned to give his team the best possible chance of winning. Ultimately he always gives them purpose and direction.

No 9 Halfback: Angus McTavish -  Walcha’s own Colin McGregor. As he the saying goes, big things come in little packages.. One of the best defenders in the team and along with his ability to talk to his team mates gives the lads some real go forward.

No 10 Five Eight: Simon Newton – Without doubt one of Walcha’s greatest ever footballers. There is no other footballer that plays with more heart and sole than Simon. He has an innate ability to put people into gaps and his tackling is unprecedented. A 5/8 with silky hands and rock hard defence makes him one lethal weapon.

No 11 Winger: Dom Bower – Don’t blink, you will miss him. This kid has jets as wheels and can generally be found leaving people in his wake. One of the games true finishers who can step through the smallest of gaps.

No 12 Inside Centre: Pat Keen -  A real pup in the side but don’t let age fool you, this lad is the real deal. Having played for NSW Country this year Pat brings some hard hitting, hard running in the mid field. Along with his silky  hands he constantly has the opposition mesmerised.

No 13 Outside Centre: Eddy Cordingley -  Walcha’s leading try scorer. This straight running outside centre has created a lot of headaches for the opposition throughout the year along with his strainer post defence I’m glad he is on our side.

No 14 Winger: Dicko Young – Another absolute flyer. Whenever Dicko gets the ball people get out of their seats. Dicko is a real entertainer and his ability to split the defence either through the middle or around the outside is second to none. Hang on for the ride.

No 15 Fullback: Ed Churchill – Walcha’s Quality No 8, sorry Fullback. A Fullback that has had more pick and goes than most forwards. Eddie’s unbelievable ability to break the first line of defence puts Walcha on the attacking foot always. He is one of Walcha’s most dynamic players that leaves the opposition wondering just what happened. Don’t run at him either, this lad can tackle

No 16 Halfback: Jack King – An amazing half that has lighting speed around the ruck. Jack’s ability to create something out of nothing gives Walcha a real edge when he is on the paddock.

No 17 Wing: Peter Young – Another amazing back that adds some real go forward when on the park. Pete punches well above his weight and with ball in hand creates lots of opportunities for his team. Tip: don’t run at him are going to get pumped

No 18 Loose Forward: Hayden Jarman – This kid is something special, only 20 years old, he is already playing as smart as a 30 year old. Jarmo is as hard as a rams forehead, he is a tireless worker both in attack and defence. Hayden will be one of Walcha’s top footballers in years to come.

No 19 Second Rower: Thomas Rose – The old bull. A quality second rower that just keeps giving.  Rosie has never been known to take a backward step and I’m sure when given the chance during the game will give the team some real go forward.

No 20 Outside back: Jacob Sherrin – Given the chance he can turn the opposition inside out, with a running style like Stephen Larkham even his own team don’t know what is about to happen.

No 21 Back: Lachy Fletcher – Lachy is a very talented footballer who has played outstanding football throughout the year. A gifted halfback as well as five eight, Lachy can add some real spark to the side if required

No 22 Utility: Stu Hobbs – Well if you want a man that has given everything for his club, here he is. Hobzie has played nearly every position on the paddock this year and never complains. When Hobzie’s on the job the job gets done

No 23 Prop: Toby King – The absolute baby of the team. Toby has improved every game throughout the year. He is a very technical prop that could teach old heads a thing or two.

No 24 Prop: Aldie King – Aldie is from Sydney and a cousin of Henry King. Aldie came to the rescue early in the year when Walcha was short of props and prop he can. Aldie has added strength and a sense of professionalism to the team and has played a leading hand in the teams success this year

No 25 Charlie McGowan – This young man is a class act in every aspect. From his hair to this football, he is a standout. A fantastic young footballer who is a tackling machine who pound for pound would be one of the best young footballers going around.

No 26: Thor Crombie – Our Kiwi neighbour who unfortunately has been plagued with injury. A terrific young lad that adds speed and versatility to any back line. Thor is a top class footballer that given the chance can be a real game changer.

No 27: Eddie Blomfield – This Pocket Rocket is every oppositions nightmare. If he is not tackling and turning over ball, he is generally scoring trys on the wing, not because of his speed either. Eddie given nothing but 100% everytime he is out on the paddock.