Archdale makes up the miles

LANDMARK Boulton livestock manager Miles Archdale and his gate opener Peta Carter were heading to “Jiskardale”, the property owned by Kevin “Scrooge” Mathews last week when “MIlo” gave his complementary piece of cheeky advice after I pulled him up while carrying out traffic control duties on the Emu Creek Road. No big deal but please read on.

AFTER sending Miles and “Pete” on their way, I was surprised the “Dynamic Duo” returned within the space of just a few minutes, making me think they must have forgotten something. At that stage, I was unaware they were traveling to “Jiskardale”, but when “Milo” mentioned they were, the suggestion was made that “Scrooge’s” place was on the Moona Road, not the Emu Creek Road. Miles agreed as he drove off to get back on track.

WALCHA cyclist Ayllie Allen competed in the 2017 Gran Fondo Masters World Championships in Albi, France, representing Australia last Sunday. According to her husband Adrian earlier in the week, Ayllie finished around the middle of her age group where 61 riders competed and she completed the 85-kilometre journey without incident. There was a mention it was good to see someone in his family could stay on their bike with reference to the “Doc” having been involved it two bad spills in the past few years. He did smile.

A COUPLE of council office staff members – Karen Brown and Sarah Rabbitt – were heading away to participate in a course last week when they called into the North St Depot to pick up the vehicle they were going to travel in. Although the car was frosted over, they jumped in it while the defrosting took place, especially the windscreen. No drama, but wait, there is more.

We certainly received somewhat of a surprise when Cynthia unlocked the new litter cabinet and out flew a cat at pace between the pair of us.

WHILE all this was going on, a number of outdoor staff members were in the depot office receiving instructions for the day when urban works supervisor Steph Sweeney decided to help the girls out, despite them not knowing it. The golden-haired wonder child grabbed a sizeable container and filled it with warm water before splashing it over the windscreen of the girls’ car, and didn’t that cause a commotion. Apparently, Sarah nearly went through the passenger side roof while Karen let out a string of adjectives that can’t be printed here. Word has it the boys in the office enjoyed the live entertainment before commencing their duties for the day.

STILL at the council, last Thursday morning I was putting the town wheelie bins back in place after they had been emptied when I called on parks and gardens workmate Cynthia Morris for some assistance with the new bin holder in the centre of McHatton Park. We certainly received somewhat of a surprise when Cynthia unlocked the new litter cabinet and out flew a cat at pace between the pair of us. The moggy had entered the “building” through the hole at the top and after devouring the remains of a chicken, was unable to get back out but was fairly happy when released without conviction.

THERE haven’t been many stories about people falling out of bed, but last week there were a couple in the space of 48 hours. First up, Pakington Street resident John McLean (aka Bruce Willis) was having a dream about a footy game when someone told him to roll over, so he did – straight onto the floor. Then a couple of days later, council parks and garden “Jack of all trades” Andrew Strudwick fell out of his “cot” right on the stroke of midnight. Not sure what Struddy was up to at the time. You will have to see him for more info.

LAST week, while my sister Tracey Crisp was taking “dear old dad” I. J. Cross on his weekly shopping trip downtown, he declared he had received a welcome invitation from Tina Turner about transporting him to see his old mate Davie Fletcher who is in Tamworth hospital. On further investigation, “Tina Turner” turned out to be Tonya Tucker who, along with taxi operator Julie Keogh, got that job done on Monday which I.J. really appreciated. Thanks girls.

BIG Wigs of the Week: Bowling Club - Sonia O’Hara picked the card; Apsley - Jamie Wall Graeme Hislop Ia Cameron; Prime Meats Venetta Cross; Newie - Normie Goodwin, Nathan Denniss, Pat “Roachy” Clare, Neil Breasley all 14 pts; Vet Supplies - Peter King 12 points.

WITH one round remaining, things are tight at the B.C. with just four points separating the top five players. John Mann leads on 248, followed by Tara Stackman and the kitchen girls Cheryl and Di 246, ahead of Matt Hamill and Peter Hayes 244. At  the B.C., Sonia O Hara scored maximum points but only after her good mate Deon Lawrence filled in Sonia’s card for her.

APSLEY local law enforcer Tony Souza is on 257 which is 17 clear of next best Ian Cameron 240, while around at the Newie, Jenny Hill leads on 264 – 10 points ahead of Ross Green on 254. At the Vet Supplies, Kyle Goodwin is on 248 six points in front of Narelle Dale and Kate Lyon. Also a reminder to all Prime Meats tipsters - your competition continues through to the semi-finals. Go the Rams and Jillaroos. Best of luck to both teams.