Walcha sports goss: Call sends Milo round the bend

LANDMARK Boultons livestock manager Miles Archdale was back in the news last week when he lost his mobile phone while attending a conference in Brisbane. Milo decided the best way to attack his predicament was to borrow another mobile, which he did, and then call his own. When he did, he could hear his phone ringing, although it sounded a bit different than usual. There was a good reason for that.

ALTHOUGH  Milo could hear the phone, he still had some trouble locating it until he worked out it was making a gurgling sort of noise, and soon realised it was under water after it had been accidentally dropped in the toilet. When asked if the phone was still operational, the Raiders supporter replied in the positive, but indicated the reception was a bit “s****y”.

HOPEFULLY, all the fathers out there enjoyed their day last Sunday, and there was an added bonus of live entertainment for any that attended the bowling club for lunch. No, there wasn’t a band playing at the time, it was just that the Rams players who didn’t score a try during the 2017 season were doing their “nudie runs” over at the Park. By all accounts, one female Guyra visitor who was jogging along the levee bank at the time enjoyed the entertainment also.

TALK about hook, line and sinker. “Elmgrove” resident John Wall and his better half Denise were holidaying down on the Darling River recently and, as you can imagine, John was quite happy to wet a fishing line. Word has it that “Walley” has a rod that has a bell on it which goes off if he gets a bite when left in the set position. Rumour has it that is exactly what happened, but before John could get to his equipment, it disappeared into the water, hook, line, sinker and bell. Must have been a monster fish.

...when it comes to men’s championships or ladies championships, the opposite sex shouldn’t be allowed to compete, but that is only in my humble opinion...

EVERY now and then, something clicks when Steph Sweeney and myself play golf together in the Men’s 4BBB Championships, and last Sunday was one of those occasions when we shot a 60 nett together. Being the best nett score, we thought we would be entitled to the main trophies donated by Jim Nivison and Jock McLaren, as this was a men’s championship round not an ordinary round. That wasn’t the case as we were beaten on a countback by ladies champion Cheryl McDonald and her sister-in-law Rose Baumer – and good luck to both ladies.

NO doubt there will be the call of “sour grapes”, and at the risk of being howled down, here is my point. How do you think things would go if a couple of blokes turned up to play in the Ladies 4BBB Championships, produced the equal best nett score on a countback – would they be entitled to the main prize on the day? Really, as if that is going to happen. It is great to see plenty of ladies joining in the men’s Sunday competition, but when it comes to men’s championships or ladies championships – for that matter, the opposite sex shouldn’t be allowed to compete, but that is only in my humble opinion. Besides all that, well done to Cheryl and Rose who carded a 76 off the stick between them for their 60 nett last Sunday.

BY the time the Walcha News hits the streets tomorrow, we will know if Walcha has produced another Group 4 Second Division rugby league best and fairest player after the group presentations were held in Tamworth last night. Roos fullback Steve Eveleigh should have been right in the running after polling 26 points unofficially. Hope it went well, “Dizzy”.

WHAT a magnificent sight at Chillingworth Oval in Tamworth last Saturday where the northern end of the ground was covered in a sea of red and white colours worn by supporters cheering on the mighty Walcha Rams. Anyone outside footy would be wondering what all the red and white balloons were about if they traveled the Oxley and New England highways last Saturday. 

BIG Wigs of the Week: Bowling Club – Matt Hamel, Murray Rose, the Byrne kids Hannah and Terence; Apsley Arms – Lizzie Manns; West End Store – Maureen Duck; Newie – John Maloney, Wendy Starr, Irwin Detlefson; Prime Meats – John Maloney (all picked the card); Vet Supplies – Kyle Goodwin 14 points.

TIPSTERS of the Year: Newie – Jenny Hill 278 (the highest score anywhere, although different venues do issue different bonus points for picking the card), Ross Green, Timmy Stackman 266; Apsley – Tony Souza 269, Ian Cameron 252, Scotty Withers 247; BC – Matty Hamel 264, Ming Mann 262, Tara Stackman 260; Vet Supplies – Kyle Goodwin 262, Kate Lyon 254, Narelle Dale 252; WES – Troy Hawkins 254, Chadin Hawkins 237, “Pet” Duck 221; Ex-services – Marg Morris 262, Anne Martin 260, Suzie Foster 258; Prime Meats – their competition is still going until after the grand final.

THE hard luck story of the footy tipping would undoubtedly have to be at the BC where, after leading for quite a few weeks, Tigers follower John “Ming” Mann was run down in the shadow of the winning post by Manly tragic Matty Hamel, who correctly picked the entire card and scored bonus points to seal the deal.