What's the Goss? Prize turns to ashes for Lisa

DURING recent times, “Malford’ grazier Peter Lisle was finding it a bit difficult to climb into his vehicle after he had new springs fitted which raised the door entry level a little. His good mate John Cross came to the rescue when he borrowed a stick of wood from the rugby league wood raffle trailer parked outside the “Newie” and put it next to Peter’s truck to assist him into it.

BY all acounts, Peter didn’t see the chock of wood and, after kicking his toe on it, picked it up and threw it on the back of his truck. A few days later when Lisa Swanton won the raffle, she candidly asked for the return of the wood and was a bit surprised when it turned up in a plastic bag not long later. Not sure who the culprit was – Peter or John – but the wood in the bag was in ashes form, not the original state it left in.

SO much for the bold prediction about the bloke who was going to wear his pink tutu to the fancy dress birthday party of his niece Grace Dunn who celebrated the milestone of 21 at the “Newie” last Saturday. The “big sissy” in question reckons it was too cold for the tutu but was perched up in a pair of shorts anyway. Well done to the partygoers who did make an effort and got dressed up.

PARRAMATTA supporter Peter Berry was as happy as Larry for 78 minutes of the Holden Cup rugby league grand final last Sunday. Just before full-time, he wasn’t quite as tickled pink when Manly dived over the line to win the decider. Thanks to both “Perky” and Sue Handsaker for the refreshments they shouted the gang on the day, along with “Paddles” Chandler who settled his wager from the previous week when Manly rolled the Dragons. Up the Sea Eagles - even though it wasn’t first grade.

Last Sunday, 'Buddha' wasn’t quite as wide - he put his tee shot under a table on the clubhouse verandah and had to take a drop before continuing on to card a two over par 72 - the best scratch score on the day.

IRONICALLY, it was the Eels who pulled the same trick back in 1983, but that time it was the Narwan Eels. With 23 seconds remaining on the clock in the Group 19 grand final, they scored a miracle try to win the title against Walcha here at the Park. We couldn’t even get back to halfway to kick off before timekeeper Bun Sweeney was forced to ring the final bell.

PARRAMATTA supporter Stephen Dunn is the winner of the Prime Meats footy tipping competition and will collect a $300 in-store gift voucher. He snuck home by two points from butchery boss Clint Lyon and his wife Kate who finished equal second. During the season, all three tipsters selected the same amount of correct picks, only Stephen picked the entire card twice, Clint once, while Kate failed to do so. Those extra two bonus points got Stephen over the line. At least that will go some way to easing the disappointment of the Eels losing the Holden Cup.

WALCHA Council roller operator Lawrence Hunt requested a ride home on Tuesday afternoon from work from rural roads supervisor Wayne Brennan and, when that request was approved, “Joey” went out and jumped in the passenger seat ready to go. Sitting up there like King Tut, Joey was giving his usual complimentary cheek to any workmate that strolled past, including “Bushy” Squires.

JOEY” was also admiring what he thought was Brenno’s new vehicle until Wayne left his office, jumped in his car and started to drive off. Suddenly, there was a small commotion when Joey realised he had been sitting in the wrong vehicle and was about to miss a lift home – but don’t fret, it all ended happily for both Brenno and Joey.

GROUP 4 rugby league vice-president Ray McCoy must have some inside information that a few other people don’t have when he insists Boggabri, Werris Creek and Dungowan are going to be “more than competitive” when they are promoted to first division next season. He also mentioned they “deserved to play at a higher standard of rugby league”. Didn’t those three teams all fail to make the second division semi-final series this season, Ray?

YOU may remember a few weeks ago a former junior golf champion drove his tee shot on the eighth hole into the bunker on 18. Last Sunday, “Buddha” wasn’t quite as wide - he put his tee shot under a table on the clubhouse verandah and had to take a drop before continuing on to card a two over par 72 - the best scratch score on the day.

STILL on the subject of golf, Clovelly visitor Jason Steed managed to win a prize last Sunday but probably one he didn’t really want to collect. Jason gets his name on the coverted “Pink Shirt” which goes to the player who records the most putts in a stroke medal round. This time it was 32. I did hear a whisper that Jason enjoys grass greens more than sand greens. Jason was up here visiting his brother-in-law Angus Warden.

THE annual Colleen Cross Memorial golf trophy will be a 4BBB mixed event after club decision-makers decided to revert back to its original format which began in 1906. If players are unable to find a mixed partner, there will be a club trophy played for in conjuction with the day.