Club's future under a cloud

Last year's players' player Steve Eveleigh.
Last year's players' player Steve Eveleigh.

Walcha Roos face a dire situation of having no club to play for with no one standing up to be part of the committee for next year. 

The club held their annual general meeting on Sunday and all positions were declared vacant. Outgoing president Peter Berry said there were no nominations for the four committee positions with this year’s group standing down. 

“We had one player out of about 50 registered from last year and our basic committee and three other people so there really wasn't a lot of support there,” he said. 

“We were a bit worried ourselves that people think that we weren't fair dinkum that we're stepping down this year and that's why no one showed up. Hopefully that's the only reason.” 

Berry said the current committee members would still be around to help out next year but don’t have the ability to commit full-time to the position. 

“It is not that I don't want to do the job but I have travel plans and, like I have always said, I will still do stuff when I am there and help out. It's not like they're losing us totally,” he said. 

With the Group 4 competition undergoing a revamp, being on the committee allows you to have a say.

“You just have to be passionate and have the time to commit to it,” Berry said. 

An emergency meeting has been called for October 29, 3pm at the Bowling Club, to determine the Roos’ future.