Walcha remembers three locals

LAST weekend was an extremely sad one for the Walcha district after two young blokes – Jordon Wiggins and Jeremy Laurie – were killed in separate car crashes, while Wal Foster lost his battle with ill health. Condolences to all family members of the three men, along with their many friends.

ON a much lighter note, it isn’t the first time it has happened and no doubt won’t be the last, but Lagoon Street resident and Dragons tragic Shane Britten was that keen to get back to work at the National Parks he turned up a week early before his leave ran out.

THE Walcha Central School class of 1977 is holding a reunion this weekend where former teachers Andrew Osborn, Mike Howarth, Tony Barnett and Bill Heazlett will also be in attendance. All the action kicks off at the Ex-Services Club from 5.30pm on Saturday with a few nerve-settling drinks followed by dinner and then entertainment provided by one of their classmates, Chris White. Anyone who is interested in catching up with the 77 crew are more than welcome to do so.

WHILE attending an Overload Powerlines course on Tuesday, council purchasing officer Ron Wicks was having trouble reading the newspaper while he was enjoying a well-earned rest during the luncheon adjournment. The reading glasses he was using at the time were causing him the most grief until he realised he had picked up a pair owned by Mick White who he was sitting next to at the time. Apparently the focus was “slightly” different.

AT the same course I was having trouble with my Orchard Road Hotel Singapore pen much to the merriment of Wayne Brennan who was beside me at the time. That was until it became apparent he had screwed the pen apart and removed the ink tube from inside the outer part of the pen.

AROUND the same time, Bill Pearce and Lee Robertson were taking part in a CPR scenario where “Blinky” was in charge of phoning for help. Right on cue, his phone received a message which prompted “Blink” to respond with that will be them getting back to me now of words to that effect.

When Rob started complaining about how hot his dish was, I made a quick inspection of the contents, only to find chopped up chillies all through it.

ROUND Swamp opening bowler and Anglican Minister Ben France hit the ground running last Saturday against Rugby League when he bowled Luke Brennan with his first delivery and then rearranged the furniture of Aaron Johnson with his second ball. Although he missed his hat-trick, Ben finished with 2/2 off his three overs which included two maidens.

IF ever you are in Singapore, visit Raffles Hotel, a magnificent pub that Barry Hoy reckons he called into 30 year ago. Be aware though, a traditional Singapore Sling, invented at Raffles by a clever barman, is costing around $32 Australian. Little wonder I ate all the ice in the cocktail as well.

SPICY or hot food has never been high on the hit list of “Quiet Valley” grazier Robert George Laurie. so there is little wonder why “Truck” was struggling with a salad one night while dining out at Koh Samui. When Rob started complaining about how hot his dish was, I made a quick inspection of the contents, only to find chopped up chillies all through it. Lets just say “Truck” didn’t eat too much more of the salad but he did try to cool his lips down - with not much success.

LAST year, Owen Presnell won the Colleen Cross Memorial golf trophy which included an embroidered towel he used after a game of golf at Emmaville earlier this year and left hanging on the clubhouse gate to dry. He drove off and left it, but after making enquiries, he got it back. Emmaville golfer Andrew Symonds reunited the “Omen” with his towel at the NSW Sandgreen Championships at Holbrook.

A FEW weeks ago was the 32nd time the Colleen Cross Memorial golf trophy has been played, with Murray and Dimity Fenwicke the 48th and 49th players to win the prize. For the first 10 years, no player won on more than one occasion before Ross “Popeye” Steel and Joy Hogbin broke that sequence, winning in 1995 after they were victorious in 1993.

EIGHT-time club champion Simeon Cross and “Mollydooker”Julie Hoad have won on three occasions – 2002, 2005 and 2006. Simone Sweeney has three victories to her credit, twice with husband David in 1995 and ‘97 along with A. J. Cross in 2001. Col Berry has been victorious three times also, twice with his late wife Ann in 1999 and 2003, as well as with Marg Parsons in 2012.

THE record score still belongs to the late-great Dave Anderson and Lynne Watts after they accumulated 56 points in 1989, while Miles and Janell Archdale are next best on 53 points in 2000. Not only was I fortunate to win mum’s trophy with Simon early this century, but dear old dad I .J. teamed up with one of mum’s good mates Brenda Walker to get the job doe in 1987, the year after Greg and Dianne Partridge won the first one ever played.

SCHOOLBOY Ben Hall top-scored for Rugby League after he helped out when they were short of numbers last Saturday. Going on that performance, League should sign Ben up before another team grabs him.