What's the Goss? Pool ready for summer

THE prediction of rain this weekend would be on par with a few previous opening days of the Walcha Swimming Pool which is scheduled for this Saturday at 11am. At the time of going to print, the water was running at a refreshing 21 degree celsius which hopefully will be a bit warmer than that come Saturday.

ONE new addition to the wading pool is four dolphins painted by local artist Gemma King who has done a great job adding a bit of colour to the kiddies’ pool. When Gemma said she hoped they liked it, my reply was they are hard to please if they don’t.

Where is that again?

LAST week when the Melbourne Cup was being run and won, word has it that Jayden Knowelson asked his Brian Smith Timber Transport workmate Brad Cross where the race was run, and Brad reckons Jayden wasn’t having a lend of him at the time.

WHEN another fellow workmate, Anthony Michie, brought up the subject, apparently Jayden chased him around the work depot with a rake handle. Let's hope Jayden just meant Flemington or Moonee Valley when he inquired where the “Big Race” was run. See “Hook” Jayden or “Mich” for all the details.

Fishy excuse

MOONS Nursery CEO Stephen Sweeney and his wife Debra have enjoyed a few weeks’ holiday down south which included attending the wedding of their oldest son Mitchell and his bride Anna. The ceremony was held in picturesque settings near Tumbarumba.

WHILE down “Mexico” way, the golden-haired wonder child contacted his fellow supervisor Wayne Brennan to inform him he had been kicked out of Victoria – the reason being he was catching – too many fish. Sounds like a line Stevie’s late old man O.P. would haved used.

The trick is to hit the cue ball into the cushion three times within that two foot distance and not hit a ball. It can be done – Jim did it. Not that he meant to.

Take a pot at Jim’s trick shot

NEXT time you are playing snooker, have a go at pulling off a trick shot Jim Gehrke played in a recent handicap doubles match against Dick Bowden and A. J. Cross. Take seven balls and scatter them across the table but within a couple of feet along the table. The trick is to hit the cue ball into the cushion three times within that two foot distance and not hit a ball. It can be done – Jim did it. Not that he meant to.

YOU probably won’t believe this, but Dick and yours truly were eliminated in the opening round for the umpteeth time but were behind the eight ball so as to speak when Dick sunk the white off the black. Then I hit the pink when attempting to break the reds in the second frame. Jim’s partner Graeme Fairweather also kept us entertained when he introduced a jump shot into his game.

Argy-bargy over distance

ONE for the Brackendale Road readers: How far is it from the dip just the other side of the “Mingary” fire shed to the turnoff into “Minoru”, the property of Jimmy Green? In a conversation last Sunday at the Newie, I reckoned it was maybe a bit over a kilometre and it wasn’t long before Jim’s brother Ross suggested it would be closer to three kilometres.

ALTHOUGH Ross reckons the bet was for more than one schooner of refreshment, I beg to differ and did so when I settled the bet with “Kenny” earlier this week. On the way home on Sunday evening, Ross measured the distance and then took a photo of it on his phone so he had it handy and available for future reference.

Time for golf, darts and a spot of cricket

WELL done to golfer David Dunn who put the disappointment behind him of being beaten on countback in the recent 12-hole winner-take-all competition after he missed a fairly short putt. Last Sunday, David bounced back to win the 2017 match played final when he defeated Miles Archdale 5 and 4 in the decider.

CONGRATULATIONS to Apsley spearthrower Vince Costigan on hitting the “hole-in-one” of darts when he landed his three darts in the triple 20 to register a maximum 180 while playing in the B Grade Oxley Dart Shield Round grand final against Colts last Thursday. By all accounts, Vince needed 183 at the time and left himself on one, double one to go out.

TURTON Cup Final Poultry Farmer of the Week: Only one batsman failed to score in the twenty-20 decider Colts opener Walcha Association president Ed Blomfield who had his castle disturbed by Luke Wellings on the first delivery of the Colts innings.

WALCHA Golf Club captain Willy Brennan has been known to have more countbacks than not, but that wasn’t the case last Sunday when Tim Beaumont survived a countback with Will. Tim was lucky enough to take home a prize that was supplied by Lee Fletcher. The fact that Willy was 61 years young last Sunday must just have been enough excitement for one day when he checked the score cards.