What's the Goss: Smith loses the key to success

LOCAL sheriff Anthony Smith did his wife Vanessa a favour late last week when he took her car downtown to fill it up with fuel – but before you jump to conclusions, Anthony didn’t pump the wrong juice into it unlike he has been known to do on the odd occasion with other vehicles, including his own twin cab and the police truck.

THIS time around, “Smithy” ran into strife when he turned off Vanessa's car, one which doesn’t need a key to do so but, unfortunately for our knight in shining armour, he needed one to start it again and unfortunately it was in Vanessa’s possession at home. A similar thing happened to councillor Rachael Wellings, but when it occurred to her she was in Tamworth and her keys were in Walcha.

GOOD to see Walcha put a very competitive district team onto the field last Sunday and although the game against Gwydir was washed out, the Walcha boys went well to restrict their opponents to 148 runs. The batting line up was Ed Blomfield , Steve Eveleigh, Jacob Sherrin, Cameron Wood, Nick Endacott, Brad Partridge, Barry Hoy, Leed Harrison, Will Fletcher, Jay Grills and Lachie Fletcher. Pretty handy list really.

Lairy lures

THE story goes that Sea Eagles supporter, South Street resident and keen fisherman Rodger Jamieson purchased four new fishing lures which glow in the dark and are rechargeable. He kept two for himself, gave one to his son Corey and one to son-in-law Josh Partridge. When “Jagger” offered to lend one to Josh before he headed off on a recent “swishy catching” trip, Josh declined the offer because he had everything under control – that was until he reached his destination only to realise he had packed the charger not the “lairy” lure.

Hopefully by now the weather is kinder and the water a lot warmer than the 19 degrees Celsius it was at the start of the week.

NOT long back, Treetop and Garden Services CEO Scotty Kermode celebrated his 50th birthday with Jenny Bird (nee Poole) at South West Rocks with their respective family friends. One of the guests was former Walcha resident Duncan Colley who had travelled all the way up from Victoria for the occasion.

LATE in the evening or early next morning, the man they call “Drunken” got lost attempting to get back to his accommodation and when someone finally contacted him, he had walked past Coles three times which is not quite in the CBD of S.W.R. Apparently, Duncan was bleeding badly from blisters to his feet, probably where he had slipped out of his thongs and was grateful to be picked up about 5am. Duncan is into running marathons these days but his next one a week later might have been a bit difficult.

In the swim

THE 2017-18 Walcha Swimming Season commenced last weekend under less than favourable weather conditions. Last Monday, four diehards turned up for the first early morning session of the season Don McHatton, Will McKenzie, Mark Hall and Anthea Macpherson. Three of the quartet took the plunge while Donald only got into knee depth before he pulled the pin. Hopefully by now the weather is kinder and the water a lot warmer than the 19 degrees Celsius it was at the start of the week.

ON the subject of the new swimming season, the Walcha Flippers held their sign-on day on Tuesday which was followed by some vigorous action in the pool where their members were given the opportunity to blow some of the off-season cobwebs away. A total of 63 members have signed up again from last season and 31 new faces joined the club. Wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if that reaches the magic “100” next week.

A REMINDER that the bowling club fundraiser auction for the bottom greens is being held this Saturday evening from 6pm and there are a number of top items on offer. A jacket signed by racing car driver Mark Winterbottom heads the auction list along with 50 per cent off a 15,000 tandem skydive while a diamond and sterling silver bracelet should collect quite a few bids. For more information, please contact Suzie Harrison.

Blast from the past

FORMER Walcha Rugby League captain coach Sid McGregor was back in town last weekend and although he didn’t get to catch up with many of his old team mates, he did find a few people to have a chat with about local league. Sid played hooker and coached here in Walcha in the 1960s and there is little doubt the players from that era would remember him.

BACK in the late 1960s, I went to school with his son Bruce and because his old man worked at “Wade’s Bakery”, Bruce would come to school with beautiful fresh corned meat and onion sandwiches. How do I know? Because when he got sick of eating them day-in day-out, I would swap him for mine which were usually vegemite or baked beans. Guess who got the best deal back then? A.J. Cross.

GREAT to see the Australian Socceroos qualify for the 2018 World Cup after they defeated Honduras 3-1 in Sydney last week. Walcha Council general manager Jack O’Hara was in attendance at the game and reckons it was right up there with the best sporting events he has witnessed.