What's the goss?

LAST week I contacted 2AD and FM100.3 sports guru Steve McMillian to enquire which Walcha sportspeople had been nominated for the Armidale District Sports Awards to be held in Armidale earlier this week so I could wish them good luck at the presentations. Steve informed me there were five – cyclist Ayllie Allen, lawn bowlers Brian Lockyer and his partner Robyn Larkin, Aussie rules player Morgan Dunn and equestrian Jorja Power.

THE following day, Steve phoned me by mistake, but before he hung up, he apologies about leaving one nominee out the previous day and hoped it wouldn’t cause too much trouble. At the time, I couldn’t see how it would, but when he told me who it was – how wrong could I be.

BACK in 2006, while on a Westpac Helicopter Mountain Bike Ride, I was asked if I could do an interview with him for ABC radio. One of the questions Dave asked me was who were the Walcha riders participating in the charity ride, and when I answered him, one peddler was accidentally left out. Kevin Mathews, Mike Delaney, Jack O’Hara and Doug McDonald did get a mention.

THE next morning after the recorded interview was conducted, we were riding out of Werris Creek when it was played on the lead vehicle loudspeaker, and when the bloke I actually started riding with in 2003 realised he had been left out, didn’t he give it to me at the time – and on numerous occasions ever since. When Steve McMillian told me he had omitted Wayne Brennan from his ADSA list he gave me last week, i told him he had to be kidding before telling him the story. My humblest apologies Wayne, but at least it wasn’t my fault this time.

WELL, wasn’t that a party! Anyone who was in attendance at the wedding of Glenn Olrich and Ashlee Creighton held on the Bonville Golf Course and didn’t enjoy themselves must be terribly hard to please. Congratulations to Glenno and Ash and thanks to everyone who made the occasion such a memorable one.

...Bernie informed Anthea that a lot of elite long-distance athletes run on the white fog line on bitumen roads because it is cooler on the feet to do so.

TWO guests who attended the wedding – Elaine Murray and her daughter Vicki – must have been deep in conversation while travelling to the function when they missed the turn to Dorrigo just the other side of Ebor. Luckily, the dynamic duo soon realised their mistake.

ON the subject of parties, just a reminder to Walcha Golf Club members and ladies that your presentation night has been rescheduled for Sunday, December 10. A 4BBB Medley Stableford is on offer from 1pm that day which will be sponsored by Brendan Blake at New England Accountants Tax Services.

THE golf club are currently conducting a 100 club raffle with a great prize of a trip for two to Fiji, all airfares and two games of golf. Tickets are $100, but sales are a bit slow at the moment, so if you are interested, please see chief organiser Miles Archdale. The raffle is to be drawn on presentation night.

TELECOTTAGE head honcho Anthea Macpherson and Saddlery boss Bernie Brady were having a yarn the other day when Bernie informed Anthea that a lot of elite long-distance athletes run on the white fog line on bitumen roads because it is cooler on the feet to do so. Anthea countered with when she is swimming laps of the pool, she follows the black line because it keeps her warmer. Wonder who was pulling the leg of who.

STILL at the pool, young Dougie Hicks overheard me having a conversation about season tickets when he let me know his mum Tess Dawson was going to get him one, but the exception was that Dougie suggested his would be a “pool passport”. Let’s hope Tess doesn’t have anywhere near as much trouble with the “passport” application as what my much better half Linda and I had recently before we headed to Singapore and Thailand.

CROUDACE Street resident Cody Wellings decided to give his old man Luke a hand, but Luke was unaware of this until he went to use a sizeable tin of WD40, only to find it empty. When Cody was quizzed, he dropped his head before nodding. Apparently, Cody had sprayed all the contents on the clothesline, but unfortunately not on the moving parts where it could have been put to much better use. 

DURING recent times, occasional “Boree” resident Annabelle Laurie contacted her mother Rachael to say she had just experienced the “best day of her life” while on an excursion to the Northern Territory. Annabelle and a few of her school friends found themselves on the same flight as the Australian rugby league team which included her favourite players Cooper Cronk, Billy Slater and cameron Smith, who she got photos with. Wouldn’t be difficult to work out Annabelle loves the Melbourne Storm.

THE annual Lions Christmas Party has been going for over 30 years and is on again on Monday, December 11 at the golf club from 6.30pm. Numbers were down a bit last year, so if you weren’t in attendance in 2016 and would like to boost numbers this year, please contact your nearest Lions member or president Terry Olsen ASAP to assist with catering purposes.