Walcha MPV Management Committee AGM Chairman's report

Barry Spry

Barry Spry

The Walcha Multi Purpose Centre Management committee held their Annual General Meeting at the end of 2017.

2017 is the 31st year that the MPC Committee has performed its role of management, care and control of the centre as defined in the 1986 agreement between the Department of Education and Walcha Council.   The Committee is defined as a community body independent from but representative of school, council and community and this year as ever has maintained harmony between the various users of this excellent asset.

This year has been one of significant expenditure by the Committee on furnishings for the centre.  After considerable investigation more than $17,000 was spent replacing the 40 tables and their carrying carts with lighter, stronger modern versions.   A dispute over what was primarily cosmetic damage to the new tables incurred in manufacturing and transport resulted in an additional 20 tables being supplied.  Consequently, we have in storage a substantial number of tables which will act for some years as replacements for damaged and worn items.

On behalf of the community and the Committee I would like to express my gratitude to Lee McCoy and Kate Mackaway for their services to this organisation over many years - especially in regard to their roles as Secretary and Treasurer.  We are fortunate to have gained the valuable services of Lisa Kirton and Simon Warden as committee members and also to fill those positions.   We are also fortunate to have as our Council representative Jen Kealey who has already contributed many hours this year working on potential grants for a major makeover of the MPC kitchen.

My thanks also to the school representatives on the Committee Principal Mark Hall and teacher Tony Bozza and also the school staff involved for creating another year of smooth functioning and I look forward to continuing these successes into the future.