What's the Goss? Scotty has the keys to success

WHEN Walcha Council employee Jo Wicks accidentally locked the car keys inside the vehicle she was fuelling up last week, she called on rural roads supervisor Wayne Brennan and Scotty Pearce to assist her retrieve the keys. Although the driver’s window was up, the passenger’s window was down, which gave Jo the idea that if the boys could give her leg up through the window, she may be able to grab the keys. Really!

WHEN quizzed about her ordeal, Jo reckoned you wouldn’t read about what happened next, which isn’t true, because you are. Good Samaritan Scotty saved the day when he went to the passenger side of the car, reached in and unlocked the door. Rumour has it that Scotty’s action produced a trademark Josephine laugh.

Crawf’s cake sunk also - only he filled it up with icing to get his entry in.

COUNCIL truck driver Paul Brown was experiencing his own hassles around about the same time while carting gravel to town from the Bark Hut Road pit. As Paul was travelling past the old mill, he hit a bump, causing his hand to accidentally hit the tailgate switch and, despite frantically attempting to close the tailgate, it was to no avail. There was a liberal sprinkling of gravel down Jamieson and Derby streets.

NOTHING that a bobcat and mechanical broom couldn’t fix, but it did spark predictions Paul was an early favourite to win back-to-back “Kim Cross King of Competition award” which is reserved for the council employee involved in the biggest misadventure in between Christmas parties. Paul argues he is no chance because no one can receive the award two years in succession. Only time will tell.

HEARD a whisper ETE Services “head honcho” Ian Notely received a phone call from a prominent businessman in town asking if drones needed propellers to work because he was having all sorts of trouble getting his to operate. By all accounts, there were a few other issues but the main problem was no propellers. Identity clues - he follows the Dragons and sponsors Round Swamp cricket team among other sporting organisations, and was one of the hardest tacklers I have played footy with.

“ROCKVALE” grazieress Jenny Hoy was having hell’s own trouble locating her mobile phone last week. After exhausting nearly all avenues, she remembered her husband Barry fiddling around with a bag of phone accessories. When “Baz” was quizzed by his better half if he had seen her phone, the reply was negative but when it turned up in the bag of extras, the finger was pointed at him, something he still denies.

THE ladies change room hot shower has claimed another victim at the pool after “Yalgoo” resident Jo Nivision couldn’t get it to work last Sunday. The trap is the taps are the wrong way around, with the hot tap on the right hand side instead of the left. Jo did mention she should be right from now on, though.

BEST of luck to Jo, her son-in-law Angus Warden, his father Andrew and sister Lucy Steed when they compete in the NSW Masters Championships at Olympic Park in Homebush this weekend. The quartet are swimming a mixed medley relay on Saturday along with some individual events. 

ANOTHER swimmer heading to Olympic Park in the near future is Lulu Thomson when she competes at the NSW PSSA Swimming Championships in the junior girls relay with teammates Elke Payne, Claudia Kirton and Stephanie Blake. Unfortunately, Lulu has been listed as Thomas over in “Sports Shorts” for the past two weeks, which shouldn’t have been the case. My humblest apologies, Lulu.

THERE are sure to be fun and games when a Relay for Life Fun Darts night is held at the Newie this Saturday evening from 6pm. There will be prizes for the best Irish outfit, a lucky door prize and Chocky Wheel. Only $10 per person to play with proceeds going to Relay for Life. For more information, please contact Jo Wicks or Newie 2IC Bob Denniss.

LAST Saturday morning, I was delighted to see a Newcastle Knights flag fluttering in the breeze outside my front door. After a number of calculated suspicions about who planted the flag there after the Knights rolled the Sea Eagles the previous evening, I thought it was probably son-in-law Josh Wellings who was responsible. Correct – Josh reckons he has waited 10 years for the opportunity to arise.

BIG Wigs of the Week: Apsley - Johnny Bell; Newie - Jackie and Paul Nash, Mark Morris, Lee Robertson; B.C - Phillipa Lawrence, Darren Bird, (all 14 pts); Vet Supplies - Narelle Dale 12 pts; Prime Meats - Marg Wellings, Lynce Watts, Pam Bullock, Nerida and Bevis Hoy, Clint Lyon, Jonnie Cross 10 pts.

INTERESTING to see the 2017 “Cake King” Mile Archdale didn’t figure in the prizes this year his victory 12 months ago. Andrew Crawford stole Milo’s crown last week with a banana cake after Miles decided not to enter after his cake sunk. He reckons he should have put it in anyway because Crawf’s cake sunk also - only he filled it up with icing to get his entry in.

STILL on cakes, well done to Darcy Macpherson on winning the kids’ cake section with his “Dog Cake”. By all accounts, the cake didn’t last too long when he took it to school at St Pats on Monday morning for his fellow students to sample. Apparently, it was less than three minutes, according to Darcy.