What's the Goss: Anchored jet ski is a real drag

DURING a recent recreational trip to Chaffey Dam designated Jet Ski driver Courtney Wark was wondering why her machine was a bit sluggish and strange noises were coming from under the water while she was attempting to tow an inflatable biscuit.

On investigation it was revealed Courtney hadn’t untied the Jet Ski from where it had been previously secured, and she was now dragging the anchor along the bottom of the dam.

AT THE recent TAS athletics carnival Joe Kermode performed really well including a runner-up finish in his 3000 meter event, which he thought he had under control right up until the finish line.

On investigation it was revealed Courtney hadn’t untied the Jet Ski from where it had been previously secured, and she was now dragging the anchor along the bottom of the dam.

Just as Joe was about to seal victory another runner, who hadn’t been in front of Joe all race and may have had another lap to go, threw his hands in the air claiming a “dodgy” win of his own.

THE Walcha Council Social Club held one of its parties last Saturday where all members and their families were invited to attend.

Fishing was on the agenda where the Gardiner boys Robert and Brett were the stars, snaring three trout between them, whereas Lee “Pom” Robertson was the only grown up to land a “swishy”.

AT THE same “shindig” the conversation about the meaning of names cropped up and a couple of “Doubting Thomases” wouldn’t believe me when I informed them what Andrew meant.

After ridiculing me for a few minutes they were told to go Google it and guess what it was exactly what they had been told - “Manly”.

ANDREW - English form of the Greek name Andreas which was derived from Andreios, “Manly Masculin” a derivative of aner - “man”.

In the New Testament the apostle Andrew, the first disciple to join Jesus, is the brother of Simon Peter.

Those who doubted should doubt no more.

BAD luck to the Walcha Central School relay team that competed at the NSW state title earlier in the week.

You may not have won a medal but at least you gave yourself a chance with all the preparation and training beforehand.

Well done “Nigel”, Abbey, Murdoc and Tom, not only on the effort you put in but the friendship shown to each other throughout the whole campaign, which with little doubt will last a lifetime.

THE Jess Mathews Most Outstanding Achievement Award in memory of the former Flippers member who was tragically killed in a horse riding accident several years ago is awarded to the Flippers best performer throughout the season.

Chloe Mackaway has won it four times and after breaking or equalling 19 records this season.

It seemed inevitable “Nigel’” would make it five.

THAT was up until “Nigel” approached the Swimming Club hierarchy and asked if she could be excused from the selection process this season, but also requested that she present the award to the winner.

Chloe was very emotional as she talked about Jess before handing the trophy over to her good friend Thomas Micallef who richly deserved the award.

THE “Relay for Life” run by the Cancer Council is being conducted at the Walcha Showground between 10am and 10pm on Saturday April 28 and it is not too late to register.

One of the teams entered “Silver Sneakers” are holding a fundraiser fashion parade this Saturday at the Bowling Club from 2pm. There will be raffles and lucky door prizes on offer along with afternoon tea.

Everyone is invited to attend and for more information please contact Mary Natty.

EARLIER in the week Apsley Arms co-host Lizzie mentioned that Penrith remained undefeated so far this season while a discussion about footy tipping was going on. When I told Liz the Panthers had been beaten and would she like a bet.

Although reluctant she was still giving plenty of cheek as she flicked through previous results so far this season on one of the Tipping Cards.  As the friendly banter continued Jamie Wall suggested Liz might get a run in this week’s column, if she kept it up to which she replied “No I won’t”. 

Wrong on both accounts LIzzie - You have and the Panthers were beaten by the Hush Puppies not long back.

BIG WIGS of the Week - Apsley Arms - Bob Watts, Graham ‘Gutty’ Marshall. Newie - Andrew ‘Kerno’ Kelly, Davie Fletcher (all picked the card). Bowling Club - Barb and Rodger Jamieson, Carly Goodwin, Lynne Watts, Glen Partridge, Kirstian Rizzi, Darren Bird, Michael Stackman. Prime Meats - Edith Locker, Nerida Hoy, Lynne Watts, George Lawrence (all 14 pts). Vet Supplies - Dion Bird, Peter King (12pts).

AS former Manly Warringah Sea Eagles coach Geoff Toovey once said, “There has to be an investigation”.

Why doesn’t Bob Watts “Gutty” Marshall, “Kerno” Kelly and the Mayor of Auchen Dhu, Davie Fletcher have to put their footy tipping cards on time like the rest of us.

Well how could they have picked the card otherwise?

Just in jest boys, just in jest.