What's the Goss? Slippers and mixed tickets for Mother’s Day

A SIZEABLE crowd was in attendance at the Bowling Club last Sunday where a lot of mums were treated to lunch on their special day. Over 20 prizes were on offer in the big Mother’s Day raffle including a colourful pair of slippers won by Kenneth “Fred” Cameron who quickly donated them to his mother Hazel.

WHEN Fred’s name was drawn out, he couldn’t be located in the building despite numerous people spotting him just beforehand. After a few minutes, John “Bruce Willis” McLean pointed towards the stage from up near the bar area and said “there he is down there”.

JUST as Bruce was pointing out where he was, Fred appeared at the bar near the Keno machine oblivious to what was going on. Who was Bruce pointing at down in the auditorium area thinking it was Fred?  None other than John “Shag” Stuart. Should have gone to Specsavers, Bruce.

ON the subject of the Mother’s Day raffle, one of the organisers, Margaret Morris, wasn’t a happy camper when she realised someone had tipped “end of the month” tickets into the wrong bin. Thankfully, they were a different colour to the Mother’s Day tickets and could be easily separated. Sorry about that, Marg.

They might not be sporting superstars, but Newcastle Knights supporters Lachie Fletcher and Ben Cross, along with Tigers fan Troy Le Strande, all appeared on Fox Sports recently.

DURING recent times, Kevin “Porky” Levingston was viewing the footy through the Bowling Club window with barmaid Rebecca “Ruby” Taiki (nee Harrison) when she saw a bloke park his car and said, “Look at that cute guy”. Quick as a flash, Porky chastised Ruby with “You can’t say that, you’re married now”.

UNLIKE “Bec” she was tugging Kevin’s chain, because the “cute guy” driving the car was none other than her husband Jerome who had arrived to deliver Ruby her lunch. Porky did mention something about the sun being in his eyes at the time and he couldn’t see who the bloke was.

HOPEFULLY, I wasn’t the only person who attended the 60th birthday party of Gary Natty at the B.C. last Saturday evening who woke up a bit “doughy” last Sunday morning after celebrations went on a bit longer than expected. It was great to catch up with some old faces and reminisce about the good old days.

DURING the evening, it was only fitting the Sea Eagle song was sung for Manly fan “Riley” but about halfway through my rendition, I looked up to see his brother Peter heading towards me at pace. Images of Jimmy Green tackling me through one of the side windows over 20 years ago suddenly started to flash back.

LAST week before Josephine Foster headed to Armidale, she asked Jamie Wal if he wanted her to purchase him something while she was up there which he did – a tracksuit bottom and a pair of shoes he could play tennis in. No drama with the tracksuit bottom but on investigation, Jamie found he was the new owner of a very bright pair of golf shoes.

THE plot thickened when the gold shoes turned out to be hockey shoes which is no real problem because with that type of tread he can play tennis in them anyway. If you happen to run into Jamie, you certainly won’t miss the brightness of his shoes and what’s more his son Tyler now has an identical pair. Talk about brainwashing the kid.

MAKING a fashion statement of her own was Apsley Arms co-host Lizzie Manns while out walking her hound Malibu last Friday morning in less-than-favourable weather conditions. Let’s just say Lizzie wasn’t tickled pink when I told her she would probably get a mention this week.

THEY might not be sporting superstars, but Newcastle Knights supporters Lachie Fletcher and Ben Cross, along with Tigers fan Troy Le Strande, all appeared on Fox Sports recently. They were filmed at the Newcastle v Wests Tigers match in Tamworth a few weeks back and appeared in a footy ad last week on the TV.

REGULAR readers may remember Churchill resident West Tigers supporter and part-time council truck driver Denis “Mick” White spent a few weeks tripping around down south, fishing and stuff a while back. Rumour has it Mick came unstuck one night while preparing devilled sausages and enjoying a few liquid refreshments at the same time.

NOW Mick didn’t tell me the story, and wouldn’t admit or deny it either, but apparently he sampled the devilled snag mixture by mistake instead of the glass of “Micky Williams” wine sitting next to the sausage marinade. When quizzed about it, all MIck said was “I’m not saying anything” but he did have a big smile on his dial at the time.

I DON’T know if it was a world record time for three frames of snooker but it certainly felt like it could have been last week when DIck Bowden and myself took on Darren Bird and Fred Henry in the Ex-Services Doubles Championships. After more than three hours, fatigue finally set in during the deciding frame and when veteran “Fredum” missed hitting red balls on two occasions to give eight points away to the other side, it was just about time to rack the cues for the night. Thanks for the game anyway, boys.