Walcha Gallery of Art puts the everyday on display

An exhibition of work by Esther Eckley, Katie Street, Melanie Vugich and Rosie Waugh, encouraging us to take a fresh look at the everyday objects around us, opened at the Walcha Gallery of Art last Friday night.

The Tate Museum in London says still life art is one of the principal genres of Western art – ‘essentially, the subject matter of a still life painting or sculpture is anything that does not move or is dead’.

The work on show in Walcha does not include anything dead – unless you include a dried floral arrangement – but a collection of beautifully depicted household objects.

Welsh artist Esther Eckley, who now calls Armidale home, has a serene painterly style - her works are executed in mainly pastel blue tones.

Former Florentine artist and now Sydney based Melanie Vugich uses oils in colours from the other end of the palette. Her mainly floral subjects glow in rich renaissance reds and ochres.

Katie Street, who hails from Walcha, displays her manifold talent with graphite drawings, pastel on board and even sculptural forms created in wire.

Self-taught Walcha artist Rosie Waugh has backed up for her second exhibition at WGoA in three months with more of her incredibly intricate pen and ink drawings of interior scenes.

The exhibition is on show until next month.