What's the Goss? What do you find on a green - not too many eagles but the odd buggy

AFTER completing their round of golf last Sunday, the husband and wife team of Owen and Julie Presnell were about to head back to the clubhouse from the ninth green when Owen decided his good deed for the day would be to lug Julie’s golf bag and buggy up the hill for her. And that is what he did.

MEANWHILE, our group, which included Don Brooks, were hitting off the ninth tee about that time when Brooksy noticed a bag and buggy appear from nowhere before it finished up well short of the green. No prizes for guessing who owned the gear, and shortly after, Julie turned up to retrieve the runaway buggy.

AFTER reaching the top of the hill near the clubhouse, “the Omen” forgot to engage the buggy brake and away it went at pace back down the slope. How the buggy stayed upright and still on its wheels is remarkable really, but let’s just say Julie was relieved when it did and no damage was done to her sticks on the buggy.

OVER  a month ago, the Walcha Rams were meant to receive a box full of club beanies and, although they were delivered somewhere in Walcha, the headwarmers couldn’t be located. That was until they were traced to Walcha Veterinary Supplies the other day where it was revealed the beanies had been in the WVS coolroom for the past month.

A FEW weeks ago, Newie head honcho Desiree Denniss prepared a lovely baked dinner for one of her part-time staff members Peter Barry, who gratefully accepted the meal before taking it home with him when he left the pub. Not much of a story in itself, but please read on.

The answer was simple - every time Allan was late home from footy training, guess who got the blame...

ANYWAY, the next day, Peter’s father Col drove Peter’s vehicle to Tamworth and, during the trip, noticed a wrapped-up baked dinner in the car. Not knowing how long it had been there, Col threw the food away. Pete reckons it would have been better if Desiree hadn’t found out.

“QUIET Valley” grazier Robert George Laurie was a bit concerned about a ruckus that was going on outside his window while he watched the State of Origin footy last week. When “Truck” went to investigate the noise and after turning on the porch light, he was unable to work out what was going on.

AFTER he turned off the outside light, the same thing happened again shortly afterwards, but this time he was quick enough to spot a wedge-tailed eagle swooping in on some moths. Each time the eagle grabbed one, it would bang into a window, which made “Truck” think it would not have been a lot of fun if the bird busted the window and he ended up with an eagle inside the house.

LAST Thursday, local Fred Henry turned up at the Ex-Services Club and realised he still had one of his jack bowls in his pocket, but did mention he would return it to the bowling club in the near future. A couple of minutes later, Fred also pulled out a piece of chalk he also “borrowed” from the BC.

LAST Thursday evening, my snooker partner Dick Bowden and I didn’t progress to round three of the doubles championships at the Ex-Services Club after we were defeated 2-0 by Leane Presnell and Terry Olsen. We did get to a black ball game in the second frame which I sunk just before the white ball disappeared into one of the middle pockets. Match over.

CAPTAIN of our team Dick was none too impressed when, after winning the toss, he decided to break, only to plough the cue ball into the pink instead of the reds with his opening shot. For about the past decade, we have agreed that’s it and that we won’t play again, but it never seems to happen that way.

STILL on snooker, multiple championship winner Adam Dark defeated Bernard Lynch last week 65-30, but only scored half his points himself. Not only did “Lynchy” score 30 of his own, he rattled up half Spud’s total for him through foul shots when “in control” of the cue ball.

SOME people who attended the funeral of Joyce Green last week may or may not have been wondering exactly what the significance was of me wearing a Walcha Roos tie. Back in the 1970s, I was puzzled why Joyce wouldn’t speak to me, so I asked my Roos teammate and her son Allan what was going on.

THE answer was simple – every time Allan was late home from footy training, guess who got the blame, and although sometimes that had been the case, there were plenty of times I wasn’t the culprit. Thankfully, that was all soon sorted out and Joyce did finally talk to me after that. May Joyce rest in peace.

BIG Wigs of the Week: BC – Kristy Lawrence; Newie – Nga Marsters, Coby Denniss (all picked the card); Apsley – Jack O’Hara, Mick White and Suzie Foster; WVS – Dion Bird, Narelle Dale, Kate Lyon (all 14 points each). Special mention to Johnny O’Hara and Dennis White who both improved after failing to score a point last week.

SPEARTHROWER John Bell decided to try a new way of throwing darts last week in the Oxley Darts Club semi-finals when he attempted to launch one of his spears without its flight. See “Belly” for more information, but apparently the dart hit the floor well before it reached the Newie dartboard.