Walcha Central School athletics carnival

Walcha Central School held its athletics carnival last week and in spite of the previous night’s wet weather and the brisk weather of the day, the full carnival programme was able to be completed. 

Teachers said it was a credit to all the students who competed enthusiastically all day. They say with all competitors displayed outstanding athletic skill and determination.

“It was fantastic to see all the students competing with smiles on their faces and displaying excellent sportsmanship towards one another,” said WSC principal Mark Hall. 

“The annual Kinder Cup highlighted the spirit of the day with students of all ages lining the running track to cheer on our littlest athletes in their first ever race at school.”

The athletes were kept energised by the WCS P&C’s warm and nourishing food, and many community members pitched in as time keepers and event managers, ensuring the success of the day.

“Congratulations to all staff and students for guaranteeing the carnival was a success through their committed endeavour,” Mr Hall said.

“The Kinder Cup winner, age champions and champion house will be announced at an upcoming school assembly.”