From the desk of the Walcha mayor

Eric Noakes

Eric Noakes

While most of us are nonchalant in regards to surveys and what comes of the information gained, Council will soon release an Asset Management and Level of Service Survey. This is a short survey and will only take a couple of minutes to complete and will give the Council a snap shot of how residents view Councils' management.

When it's all cut and dried Councils are just another business, so asset management is closely related to income, the difference being this income is public money (your money). This is obviously a balancing act, providing a satisfactory level of service at reasonable and sustainable cost whilst maintaining infrastructure.

Even though the more cynical of us may think this information does not help set strategy, the information garnered does play an important role in our priorities. Remember as I said earlier this influences where your money is spent so please take a few minutes to give your thoughts. This is a great opportunity to be involved in Council’s future direction.

When it's all cut and dried Councils are just another business

Eric Noakes on the Walcha Council asset management survey

Recently Council reintroduced the dust suppression program for residents who are impacted by this issue on the gravel road network. Residents who are in this situation are encouraged to contact Council and have their name added to the list.

There are a number of criteria that are used to assess these applications and they are prioritised using these. This is not a case of first in first served, and once your name is on the list there will be no need to register again next year.

Now that this program has been reinstated and if you have been on this list previously it would be a good idea to check you are still included. 

If you have been on this list previously it would be a good idea to check you are still included

Eric Noakes on the Walcha dust suppression program

Ian Scott, Manager of the National Broadband Network in our area addressed Council recently, with the good news that this system will soon be turned on in town. His main points were that those residents who are in the capture area will have eighteen months to change to this system. To connect you must contact one of the many on sellers (not NBN) who provide the connection and plan for you. A list of these is available in most written literature and on the NBN site.

Mr Scott cautioned on being careful selecting your service provider and to seek advice from consumers who have had experience with them. Talk to someone who lives where the NBN has been connected for a while, as anyone can setup as an on seller. Finally like most areas of life these days beware of the scammers – they are out there.

Beware of the scammers – they are out there.

Eric Noakes on connecting to the nbn

And finally, the pursuit of a secure water supply continues. While it is currently in the feasibility funding process we continue to push and lobby those who can assist bringing this project to a satisfactory conclusion