What's the Goss: Number comes up at raffles

SINCE I wrote my first column “Caught in Slips” by the Outside Edge over 30 years ago in 1986, the name has changed on quite a few occasions but one thing that hasn’t altered is that there has never been any intention of the writer to hurt anyone. The day that changes there will be no more column.

ONE other point I would like to make is that ever since “What’s the Goss?” commenced after the Walcha News office closed in 2016, the headlines that appear at the top of the column and the extracts in the middle most weeks aren’t selected by me. They are the work of long-suffering and eternally patient journalists, who bring my work to life so it appears on this page each week.

AFTER attending the lunch time meat raffles at the Bowling Club last Sunday “Irish Town” grazier Mick Steep had trouble locating his mobile phone despite it being covered in iridescent tape. Anyway, after looking everywhere and still no luck council general manager Jack O’Hara suggested he dial Mick’s number to find out where it was.

IMMEDIATELY Mick reckoned that was a good idea and started to walk away which prompted Jack to mention that maybe it would help if Mick told him his number. Mick’s response was he thought everyone knew his number but gave it to “Johnny” anyway and when it rung, low and behold Mick’s phone was sitting on the table next to where the raffle tickets are sold.

ITS  not all beer and skittles playing lawn bowls sometimes, judging by the way Pakington Street resident John McLean looked when he arrived back from playing in Cardiff late last week. “Bruce” was in the runners-up team and collected a very nice meat tray but unfortunately it didn’t make the trip home. “Bruce” also had some bark off his nose but wouldn’t elaborate on how that occurred. Maybe he might tell you what happened.

IN the not too distance future Parramatta Eels supported Col Berry and his son Peter will head off on a little adventure north travelling to “Ayres Rock” then across to the Kimberleys in WA. 

THE dynamic duo will be travelling in Perc’s Prado which has a few home comforts in the rear of the vehicle including a fridge and a slide out table. Last week Col made a few adjustments to make things easier but when he drilled a few bracket holes he didn’t realise the table was underneath where he was drilling and the drill bit went right through it. Nothing that a bit of putty couldn't fix.

SOMEONE certainly has a good memory especially about what was written in “Whats the Goss?” nearly 12 months ago. I received some correspondence in my mailbox  on Monday with a photocopy of a particular paragraph dated July 20, 2017 which included “Sad to see Queensland win another series but credit where credit is due - they were just too good.”

IT then went on to say “To talk about NSW starting a new dynasty is nothing short of laughable and how NSW are already favourites to win next year’s series is beyond me.” There was no return to sender address on the envelope, but it was mailed in Walcha and I reckon I’ve seen the handwriting before. Anyway great memory whoever it was.

BIG Wigs of the Week - Only two venues this week because the Newie, Prime Meats and Walcha Vet Supplies take tips on the State of Origin as well as the NRL. Bowling CLub - Baraba and Jagger Jamieson, Gerry Moran, Glenn Partridge Apsley - Neil Dark, Tim Rumble (all picked the card).

While competing in the Gold Coast Marathon recently Taddy Macfarlane reckons he learnt more about public transport on the “glitter strip” than running.

DID hear a whisper Panthers die-hard Jonathan Cross selected the warriors to beat his beloved Penrith which was a pity really. Thanks for the long neck from the previous weekend Jonnie, don’t know where you purchased the beer from but it tasted just a bit sweeter than what it usually does.

ASK the Jillaroos finalized their warm up last Saturday the girls were heading back to the dressing sheds before they took the field to take on Tenterfield. As they did I was talking to former Roos Chris Broadbent and Lachlan Brown when they spotted their respective wives Roybn and Bonnie strolling along deep in conversation prompting a comment along the lines of “Here come a couple of old boilers”.

WELL I did mention to both Chris and “Broad” it probably wasn’t the brightest move to describe their much better haves the way they did. Those same “couple of old boilers” (the boy’s word not mine) didn’t go too bad out on the paddock where both collected Best and Fairest points after effectively directing their team around throughout the match.

WHILE competing in the Gold Coast Marathon recently Taddy Macfarlane reckons he learnt more about public transport on the “glitter strip” than running. One race day Taddy gave himself a full hour to catch a tram to the start line but soon found out 60 minutes may not be enough time because there was a shortage of transport available and heaps of runners to accommodate. Despite quite a stressful time for a while Taddy reached the starting line with 10 minutes up his sleeve.