See photos of how Walcha Council ensure the July school break goes fast

Local school students have been spoilt for choice this holidays. Walcha Council youth coordinator Madison Garrad and her colleague Cassie McKenna developed a diverse activity program that was booked out.  Events ranged from electronics and craft workshops to NAIDOC themed storytime sessions. 

During the 90 minute Young Inventors Electronics Workshop  the kids experimented with the library’s easy to assemble 9 volt electronic kits.

“The kits included lights, buttons, counters, buzzers, motors and wheels,” said Ms Garrad.

“Each part connected quickly with little magnets, which allowed for lots of time to experiment and have fun. Combined with art and craft, the young inventors were free to create whatever they could imagine.”

Ms Garrad said the main aim of the workshop was to introduce electronics through experimentation and guided play.

“There were some interesting creations, such as a high five machine, a throwing machine, a self-driving car and light sensors,” she said.

Library assistant Cassie McKenna held a NAIDOC week story time  session in the Walcha Library. 

“There were almost 30 children and parents nestled into the Walcha Library  to help celebrate NAIDOC through ‘Storytime’,” Ms McKenna said.

“We shared two books written by Aboriginal authors: Mad Magpie by Gregg Dreise and Spinifex Mouse by Norma MacDonald. Then we enjoyed some nursery rhymes written using Torres Strait Islander language, by Alick Tipoti.”

Cassie McKenna then taught the children a little about the Torres Strait Islander cultures, including a sing-along to a traditional children’s song called ‘Taba Naba’.

“We then learnt about a traditional headdress called the ‘Dhari’ which is represented on the Torres Strait Islander flag,” she said.

“The children got very busy with the craft glue and feathers making their very own to take home and share with their families.”

Walcha Library’s NAIDOC celebrations continued this week with a NAIDOC display based on this year’s theme ‘Because of her, we can’.

“We also have a ‘Who am I?’ competition running for the kids, with some great prizes,” Ms McKenna said.

Sadly the fun stops this week and it’s back to school on Monday.