Walcha What's the Goss? Making the wrong kind of statement

A LITTLE while back, Apsley Street builder, former English wrestler and “mollydooker” Mal Ballard and his wife Linda received a message on their answering machine from their accountants indicating their Business Activity Statement had been prepared. No real drama there, except the message was directed to Maree, the ex-wife of Mal, not Linda.

WHEN Linda arrived at the accountants, she was informed her BAS was ready to go, but was once again greeted with “Maree”. According to Mal, the look on the face of Jenny Laurie was one of horror when suddenly, she realised the mistake and then apologised profusely. Mal did mention that is has only been about 23 years since he and Maree split up.

AS I was negotiating the Fitzroy Street pedestrian crossing the other day, Oak Hill grazier Cameron Greig joined me on the “zebra stripes” for a brief chat as we strolled along. As we reached the other side, Cameron informed me he was then going to return across the crossing because the business he was going to attend to was on the opposite side of the road to where we were. It was good to catch up with you along the road anyway, Cameron.

YOU wouldn’t read about it, but guess what, you are just about to. Last Sunday, there were 14 prizes on offer at the bowling club lunchtime raffles and, out of that total, three people collected no less than 11 between them. Josephine Foster picked up five, Brian Olrich claimed four, and BC president Maureen Duck grabbed two. Then, to top everything off, Jo’s son Tyler won the lucky number prize to finalise proceedings. The only other winners on the day were Barry Kliendienst and Col Fox, with a meat tray each.

Former Roos president Peter Berry may or may not have benefited from the transaction, along the lines of a few amber refreshments.

THIS Saturday night, the load of wood which has been sitting outside the Newie Hotel for the past few weeks will be drawn when the rugby league hold their presentation night at the BC. Tickets are still available at the Newie and no doubt will be at the BC before it is drawn.

A BLOKE called in at the Newie last weekend and offered to purchase a few sticks of the wood, but was informed it wasn’t for sale as it was there for the purpose of a raffle. Undeterred, the bloke continued to pester Newie 2IC Bob Denniss until Bob gave in and sold him 12 sticks for $20. Did hear a whisper former Roos president Peter Berry may or may not have benefited from the transaction, along the lines of a few amber refreshments.

WHILE working with council truckie Linda Sherf recently carting water, Linda was kind enough to give me a rundown on how the new water tank on the truck I was driving operated. Shortly after, when I arrived back to fill up, “Sherfy” had just finished filling up her tank, but before she could take off, I needed to ask her another question.

OBLIGINGLY, Linda put me on the right track before jumping back in her truck and taking off. She had only gone a short distance when she hit the anchors and then jumped out to detach the suction hose from the back of the truck which was still hooked up to the pump on the ground. Thankfully, no damage was done.

COUNCIL truckie Bobby Gardiner thought he would do his sister-in-law Emma Hillier a favour a little while back when he called around at her place to light her fire for her before she arrived home. The only small problem was that Bob had turned up at the old abode of Emma’s in North Street, not at her new residence in Middle Street where she has been living for quite some time now.

LITTLE wonder why I wasn’t getting the sort of reply I anticipated last Sunday while sending several text messages via my phone. The person that was receiving the messages was an entirely different person to the person they were meant for.

THE subject of the messages was the footy game where the Dragons gave the Broncos a touch-up, but instead of communicating with St George Illawarra tragic Jack O’Hara, the texts were going to Rabbitohs supporter Dianne Green for some reason. Di did mention she thought they might not have been meant for her.

CERTAINLY will be interesting out at Narramine this weekend when the Dragons take on the Rabbitohs while we are out there playing golf. Wonder if Dragons fan Johnny O’Hara will sit down next to Souths supporter Steph Sweeney to view the game on TV?

LAST Saturday, five of us formed a punting syndicate at the Newie – Wayne Brennan, Bradden Jackson, Davey Fletcher and Mal Ballard – at a cost of $20 per punter. A decision was made to invest $10 per bet which meant each syndicate member would get at least two bets each. And that is exactly what we got. Not a winner!

WHEN Brenno was about to put his second bet on, he splashed his cash on some short-priced nag and then informed us he would have gone with Lean Mean Machine, but decided not to because the odds were too great. That didn’t stop him having a few dollars on it himself on the side and guess what? Lean Mean Machine managed to salute the judge and paid a nice little dividend.