Walcha motorbiker excels at the 2018 Scrapheap Adventure Ride

Local motorbike enthusiast Paul Jessop has just returned from taking part in the  2018 Scrapheap Adventure Ride -  a fundraising event which involves motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country.

Participants purchase a bike for no more than $1000 and ride it to a designated destination – this year Pooncarie, in south western NSW -  to raise money for people with Down syndrome.

“The idea is to fix up a bike destined for the scrapheap and spend as little money as possible on it,” said Paul. 

“Miles Archdale donated an old farm bike with a blown motor he had, and I had an old  Yamaha V twin motor lying around, and and Supermoto of Armidale gave me some old bits of bikes they had. Over five months I put it all together and made a motorbike.”

Paul was named the third highest solo fundraiser with a total of $1,970 in donations and announced as having the best engineered motorbike.

His father Rob flew out from New Zealand to drive the back-up vehicle during the four-day-trek, along with his grandsons Rory and Aaron.

Paul said he is not sure what he will do with the bike now – but he is planning to take part in next year’s Scrapheap Adventure Ride challenge in Byron Bay.

“It runs pretty well but I blew the rear suspension on the way there so it is not too comfortable,” he said

“Next year will be the tenth anniversary of the event so I might fix up this year’s entry for my son and make another for myself to enter.”

Donations can still be made to Down Syndrome NSW through Pauls fundraising page here