What's the goss? Caught out by a twist of time

MOST years, someone gets caught when the daylight saving hours change-over is made and, by all accounts, last Sunday wasn’t any different. Heard along the grapevine, Jo Wicks may have been a bit late for work but caught up and Natasha Cooper – partner to Luke Brennan – may have been running a bit late for an appointment in Pakington Street.

WORD has it North Street resident Wests Tigers supporter and “Commando Rollover” expert Johnny Bell needed a reminder of the time so he could attend the Sunday raffles at the Ex-Services Club and forestry employee and Chooks fan “Gutty” Marshall may have been running a bit behind time at one stage last Sunday. Don’t worry, guys. Thankfully, my much better-half Linda put me on the right track early in the day.

LAST Friday was Council Picnic Day where a few of us employees enjoyed lunch and a moderation of beverages at the Ex-Services Club. During the afternoon and for some, into the evening snooker, table tennis, darts and keno were the sport of choice.

SOME people take their table tennis seriously, but none more than urban works supervisor Stephen John Sweeney. At one stage, he requested his lots better-half Debra go home and bring back his own table tennis bat so the “Golden-Haired Wonder Child” could play the game at his best.

NOT sure what happened just after the bat arrived back at the club, but there was some skullduggery going on which I had absolutely nothing to do with where the “wonder bat” was swapped for one with a broken handle. You will have to catch up with Steph to find out exactly what eventuated.

Rumour has it that there was one extremely happy Colts cricketer last Saturday when he took his first wicket ever.

EARLY in the afternoon just before lunch was served, Laurence Hunt had $5 on a Keno ticket and didn’t say much until he arrived at the dinner table and produced a ticket worth $100. We were all happy for “Joey” until we found out he had got barman Harry Wicks to print him out a fake ticket. Good one, “Laurie”.

DURING a conversation at the Apsley Arms Hotel recently, co-host Lizzie Manns mentioned she wouldn’t have minded some spare ribs while visiting her home town of Cobar for a family reunion NRL grand final weekend. Straight away, I thought Lizzie meant spare ribs that you eat, but that wasn’t the case. She meant a couple of her own. By all accounts, during all the fun and games, her son Kane had thrown Lizzie over his shoulder and made a couple of her ribs very tender.

STILL on the subject of fun and games, the annual Kids’ Games conducted by the Anglican and Presbyterian churches went off so well again last week with plenty of kids in attendance. Once again Simon Flinders, who has served as NSW cricket team chaplain in the past, made the trip, along with a number of other colleagues who gave up their time to come to Walcha to help run the Kids’ Games. Good on ya, guys.

RUMOUR has it that there was one extremely happy Colts cricketer last Saturday when he took his first wicket ever. Teenager Tommy Le Strande had Kentucky “Dangerman” Stephen Haslem caught by Dan Hunt just after “Wilba” found the boundary with his previous three scoring shots. Tommy wasn’t finished there though, he then bowled Ethan Mills to snare 2/4 off his two overs.

POULTRY Farmer of the Week –  Kentucky “mollydooker” Wayne “Pothole” Boyd was the only batsman in both games to be dismissed for a duck.

GOOD to see eight-time Walcha golf champion Simeon Cross back on the golf course after his recent knee replacement. Last Sunday, “Simone” combined with Owen Presnell to accumulate 44 stableford points which was good enough to secure them a sweepstakes ball each.

THE Men of League Foundation coach didn’t quite arrive in Walcha at 2.30pm for a “walk around” last Friday, but the bus did finally arrive a bit later where former Sydney first-graders Allan Fallah (Wests), Gary Wright (Souths, Cronulla) and Terry Murphy (Easts, Cronulla, Souths) jumped off for a quick yarn at the Apsley Arms Hotel. They picked up 1980 Dally M medal winner Rocky Laurie before heading north to attend a number of events over the weekend. Somehow or other, Rocky’s brother Mark got left behind in Sydney and missed the trip.

A GENTLE reminder to all junior cricketers who intend playing this season after the current school holidays finish. To nominate, please contact Peter Mooney (0428 234 292) for U10s and Nick Hall (0427 437 203) for under 12s.

THE Walcha Touch Association will be conducting their annual general meeting at the Apsley Arms Hotel this afternoon from 5.30pm. All executive positions will be declared vacant at the meeting. At least one representative from each team is strongly encouraged to attend the AGM to discuss important information relating to the touch football season ahead.

LASTLY, but far from leastly, happy birthday to my youngest grandson Toby Wellings who reaches the milestone of four years on the planet this Saturday. Hope you have a great day, “Tobe”.