Walcha What's the Goss? Couple of drivers who auto know better

HEARD along the grapevine that a couple of Niangala’s best hunters were in action recently when Hugh McCormack suffered a flat battery in his Cruiser. No big deal he thought, his offsider the “Mayor of Eulo” Mick Wall would help out by charging the battery from his Triton.

JUST one problem, Mick had a bit of trouble finding the lever to flip the bonnet so he could connect his jumper-leads to his battery. By all accounts, no great drama really once the Triton manual was produced.

WHEN I pulled up outside IGA the other day, Kerry Bloomfield and Margaret Swanton were having a great old giggle to themselves, probably Kerry more so than Margaret. When quizzed about the front seat frivolity, Kerry explained Marg was attempting to drive in a forward direction with the gear stuck in “park”.

REMINDS me of the time many moons ago when Barbara Goodwin went to reverse her vehicle outside Foodworks and the car wouldn’t budge – only because Barb had selected “park” which was exactly what she was attempting to do. Ask Barb, it may just have been the first time she had ever driven an automatic.

Jack mentioned he would have claimed the ace even if it did go in off the rake. Who wouldn’t have?

Top milestone for Sellwood

HAD the pleasure of spending some time with veteran Brisbane golfer John Sellwood while he was in town last weekend notching up his 600th golf course around the world. Besides his golfing prowess, John is a bit of a larrikin who has the nickname “SFC” which he reckons means “short fat chap”.

HE was thrilled to be presented with a board with the number 600 made out of golf balls (see Sports Shorts) from Julie and Owen Presnell who did all the hard work lining up John to play his milestone round here last Friday.

THANKS to Prime News who came up early on Friday to cover the event where journalist James Manton asked the questions and cameraman Ben Sutton did the filming. Let’s just say Ben put himself in some positions the majority of us wouldn’t have. Good on ya, guys.

Time to get in the swim

TAMWORTH Sport and Recreation are seeking the assistance of someone to run their annual learn to swim lessons at the Walcha Pool from January 7 to 17, 2019. Applicants don’t necessarily have to be Austswim certified but do need a swim coaching award to do the job. Those interested should contact Gaylene or Margaret at Sport and Rec on 6766 1200 for more details.

Locked in

LOCAL saddler Bernie Brady has been keeping himself in good nick including attending the gym at the squash courts on occasions. Doing the right thing recently, Bernie let himself in by using his “fob” and then paid his cash by way of placing it in an envelope before dropping it in the appropriate fee box. Only problem was, “Bern” tossed the “fob” in with the cash and had to get one of the gym’s administrators to retrieve it for him.

Not yet out

APSLEY Advocate co-sports editor Rosalie Gibson was reading a story in a journal in her place of work about John Sellwood being 599 not out at golf. The story goes that “Rosemary” mentioned to her Advocate offsiders she only thought you could be not out at cricket not golf.

Wide of the mark

STILL on golf, council chief executive officer Jack O’Hara went within a whisker of hitting a hole-in-one on the ninth last Sunday. Johnny caressed his tee shot towards the green where the ball rebounded off the smoothing rake and rolled just wide of the hole. Jack mentioned he would have claimed the ace even if it did go in off the rake. Who wouldn’t have?

THE very next hole, we were about to hit off the 10th tee when club champion Wayne Brennan piped up just as I was about to drive my ball. Wayne kindly mentioned that I had hit the cart shed, which is just in front of the tee area, in a Walcha Open once before.

NO prizes for guessing what happened next, but technically the ball didn’t hit the shed itself, it bounced into a steel post that was leaning up against the shed and ricocheted off it. “Brenno” was all apologetic about what had happened and said he meant every word of it. Not.

Trick or treat

LAST week, “Dos” O’Shannesy celebrated his birthday on Halloween Day and Beersheba Day which has absolutely nothing to do with drinking beer. “Dos” reckons it was trick or treat day, so he did just that – tricked himself into going to the pub, and then treated himself to numerous cold refreshments.

RIP Phyllis

FORMER Derby Street resident Phyllis Levingston was farewelled at a graveside service yesterday after having been on the planet for 96 years. I had the pleasure of attending the 90th birthday of Phyllis wearing a pink tutu where I enquired about the cake I was meant to jump out of. The immediate comment was “we are going to need a bigger cake”. Condolences to all family members and friends of Phyllis Levingston.