Horoscope: week beginning Dec 2

Horoscope: week beginning Dec 2

ARIES: There seems to be plenty of paperwork to push around during December 4-11, but you’ll be pleased with results as advancements are made after December 7. A touch of disillusionment may spoil December 5-7 for Arian natives, as it is difficult to access help or to render it. You’re particularly vulnerable at the moment and need to protect yourself.

TAURUS: There are important personal matters on your mind during December 4-11, revolving around another person. This will be a romantic period, but is also fiscally interesting. Taurus seems to lose their way on some important quest during December 5-7. Others are not very helpful either, even though they may be well-intentioned.

GEMINI: October 29 raised some concerns around a work or health matter which will be fully played out during the week from December 4. This are moving at last, and getting interesting. You need to make certain of your facts on December 5-7: it is very easy to appear foolish then because of inaccuracies. Sources of information need to be verified.

CANCER: There has been about a month of waiting concerning a matter related to a child or love interest. You’ll have your answers during the coming week, reaching a peak around December 7. Cancerians tend to be a little misguided during December 5-7, relying on information spawned by others. There are inaccuracies in information received then: don’t propagate it.

LEO: A financial matter, which arose in connection with property or family during late October, is fairly important during December 4-11, occupying much of your time. Matters can be finalised soon. A financial vulnerability exists in the leonine budget during December 5-7, so you’ll need to take a close look at the details: something you were expecting does not materialise.

VIRGO: There are important communications or documents around you during December 4-11 in connection with something that arose during October 29. The plans you’ve made are finally happening. Relationship problems are likely to arise for Virgoan natives during December 5-7, based on misunderstandings of a situation. Don’t allow baseless fears to undermine an association.

LIBRA: For Libran natives, there seems to be some anxiety concerning a financial matter during December 4-11 but you’ll find that this works out well. Things receive a push around December 7. Weariness tends to interfere with performance levels during December 5-7, either due to levels of Libran physical activity, poor health, or over-indulgence in alcohol.

SCORPIO: You are extremely busy with organising a project or social event during December 4-11, and will have to examine budgets during this period. This all stems back to the plans of October 29. Fears over a child surface during December 5-7: take the time to allay such fears and ensure that all will be well. Some Scorpios will have doubts over a romance.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius has a few secret concerns during December 4-11, stemming from October 29 and relating to business and partnership matters. December 7 brings an end to delays. Disturbances to the home tend to create a sense of uneasiness during December 5-7: nip problems in the bud. It is wise to attend to water and gas problems expediently.

CAPRICORN: Work and health objectives are high on your list of priorities during December 4-11, reaching a peak around December 7. This is a busy and successful time. Some aspect of your routines seems a little confusing during December 5-7: are you missing some information or have you ventured into unfamiliar territory?

AQUARIUS: October 29 raised some important issues regarding life direction, career, children and love. The week from December 4 elevates these interests to importance. Aquarians need to guard against potential losses of possessions or money during December 5-7. Guard against thoughtless actions that could see you in this predicament.

PISCES: There could be travel to or communication with a distant place during December 4-11, although you should schedule time for delays prior to December 7. Sometimes you may feel that you really don’t understand yourself or your actions: December 5-7 is such a time. Pisceans need some time to reflect on life then.

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