Woolbrook resident Belinda Laurie is named Walcha's Local Hero

LOCAL HERO: Belinda Laurie said she was overwhelmed. Photo: Colleen McKay
LOCAL HERO: Belinda Laurie said she was overwhelmed. Photo: Colleen McKay

Woolbrook resident Belinda Laurie has been named Walcha’s Hero for her dedication in helping the village community, where she has lived for 30 years.

She will receive $2000 from Walcha Veterinary Supplies (WVS) to donate to a local charity, organization, sporting group, or school of her choice.

Mrs Laurie said she was overwhelmed.

“It's taken me a while to get round it in my head that some people do care what I do!”


Walcha Veterinary Supplies’ Peter King started the Local Hero award last year, as a way of recognizing an altruistic 2354 community member, and donating money more effectively to the region.

“Belinda's a deserved recipient of this,” Cr Noakes said. He and Mr King judged the nominations.

“She's very active in one of our stronger small communities around Walcha. Every time council's involved with that community, Belinda's there, pushing for her area, and achieving a lot.”

Mrs Laurie is secretary/treasurer of the Woolbrook Hall & Park Committee; secretary/treasurer and call-out officer of the Rural Fire Service; fox bait co-ordinator of the Local Land Service; and canteen manager for the Stampede Committee.

She has been a member of the Woolbrook Public School P&C 20 years after her children left primary school, and is general babysitter and second mum to many in the village.

“It’s just part of trying to get everybody together for different occasions,” Mrs Laurie said.

“I’ve tried to give a few positions up, but no-one will take it on! I just don't think it's wise to fold a committee up because we can't get new people in to take positions.”

Mrs Laurie said she had a few organizations in mind to receive the money.

The award is given twice a year, in June and November. Allan Morris was the first recipient in June last year.