What's the Goss?: Walcha's annual pool party makes a big splash

Pool party shenanigans

WELL, wasn’t that a party and a half last Friday afternoon and night when the annual pool party was held, followed by the movie Peter Rabbit. No less than 450 people attended the pool at different times throughout the day. The weather was hot and the water was circulating at more than 30 degrees celsius.

A BIG thank you to Walcha Council for their sponsorship and support, librarian Maddison Garrad for organising the event, Councillor Rachael Wellings for help conducting the competitions, Rob Powell for setting up the movie, and to my assistant attendants Kelly Makeham, Adele Laurie and Harriet Monie for their efforts on the pool deck and in the kiosk.

Barb was petrified and put on a royal performance, as most would. There endeth the lesson.

AT the end of the evening, Adele must have been a bit weary, because when she exited the pool gate, she turned in a northerly direction towards her car. The only problem was she had parked her car near the squash courts and left her car keys on the desk in the pool kiosk. There was a suggestion a good night’s sleep may help.

DURING Peter Rabbit, the screen went blank with a few people thinking the batteries went flat, which wasn’t the case at all. Some “boofhead” attempted to enter the pool plant room and dislodged the extension cord which was supplying the power to the movie. Sorry about that.

Thrown in the deep end

CORNER of Croudace and Thee streets resident Barbara Mulligan was impressed with the way her granddaughter Olivia was progressing with her swimming lessons when she visited the pool last week. Barb wasn’t quite as impressed with the bloke who attempted to teach her to swim a few years ago, especially with the method he used.

DURING school holidays, Barb would travel from Guyra to Sydney to visit relatives, and while she was there on one trip, was booked into swimming lessons at the Watsons Bay Ocean Baths. The swim teacher tied a rope around her waist, threw her into the water and then proceeded to push her under the water with a forky stick, a bit like drenching sheep. Barb was petrified and put on a royal performance, as most would. There endeth the lesson.

In town for a shout

FORMER Walcharite, who happened to be a rather handy all-round sportsman in his day, Mark Peters, was back in town over the weekend and caught up with a few mates for a beverage or three. Away from his home base, Apsley Arms publican Graeme Hislop made the “schoolboy” error of getting into a “shout” with “Turbo” last Sunday, and although the session didn’t end in tears, it will be interesting to see if Graeme steps up for another shot at the title.

Blast from the seersucker past

EVANS Street dweller, “Hushpuppies” tragic and Forestry employee, Bradden Jackson, turned back the fashion clock recently when he introduced a “seersucker” shirt from his wardrobe. Around the same time, Bernardo Lynch was thought to be wearing the same sort of garment, until his shirt was identified as just a plain checked one.

Wrong number

LOCAL Fertilizer Services operator Cameron Martin received an interesting phone call on Monday where the caller was reporting an electrical fault in a water sample pump. When “Marto” responded with “you will need an electrician for that”, I suddenly realised I hadn’t phoned “sparky” Ian Cameron.

THE question I would like to ask is what is the name of Cameron Martin doing in the “C” section of the local telephone directory instead of the “M” division anyway? That still doesn’t alter the fact that the required number should be linked up with the corresponding person before it is dialled.

Shocking affair under the hood

BY all accounts, Senior Constable Jed Wittig enjoys tinkering with the motor in his car from time to time, but got more than he bargained on when he as carrying out some maintenance work last week. Jed was under his vehicle when he looked up and spotted a black snake not far from his head which had curled itself up on the motor.

A LITTLE while later, Jed persuaded the snake to move to a new location next door, into the residence of sheriff Anthony Smith, unintentionally of course. Later in the day, Jed started to feel a bit under the weather and wondered if the snake had bitten him, despite not having any puncture marks.

AFTER presenting himself for a medical check-up, Jed was transported to Tamworth so a thorough examination could be done, and when it was, the diagnosis was he was suffering from dehydration. Apparently, one of his work colleagues has already nicknamed Jed “Steve Irwin”. Gee, some people can be cruel.

Pool hours

PLEASE note: The Walcha Pool will be closed to the public next Tuesday, January 29 between 3.30pm and 6pm as per opening hours schedule for this season.

ENJOY the cool of the Walcha Pool the rest of the time during the heat this summer!