In the pool at Walcha: Walcha’s swimming stars manage to flip a few more records

In the pool

It didn’t take long for the Walcha Flippers to get back in the swim when they held their first swim meet of 2019 on Tuesday. The total of 2018-19 Walcha “world” records now stands at eight after four individuals broke one each earlier in the week.

In 16 years boys, Thomas Micallef took his tally of records this season to three when he bettered his own time in the 50m backstroke by over a second in 35.62 seconds. It is the second time this season he has lowered the backstroke time which was previously held by Dean Hancock since 1984.

Two Chloe Mackaway records were broken in one race when her sister Abbey bettered the 16 years girls 50m breaststroke when she stopped the clock in 42.22 seconds. Competing in the lane next to her, Chyna Smith finished in 42.60 seconds to set a new open record. Wonder if Abbey mentioned anything to her older sister “Nigel” when she got home.

In the 12 years girls division, Jemma Warden sliced nearly half a second off her 50m butterfly record when she cruised home in 38.90 seconds. It was the second time Jemma has bettered the record this season which was previously held by Chloe “Nigel” Mackaway since 2013.

Swimming club members are reminded their annual James Harwood Swim School is being conducted at the pool this Sunday from 9am to 12 noon. James Harwood still holds six records in the eight years boys division of the swimming club and the 4x50m medley in the 10 years division.

His mother Cynthia was the immediate pool manager here in Walcha before the current one took over in October 1982.