Walcha What's the Goss?: Flying fish takes the bait

MOONS Nursery CEO, part-time North Haven resident and fisherman of some note, Stephen John Sweeney, was in his element while fishing down the coast last weekend. You may remember here not so long ago on a recent trip to the “Holy Ghost”, Stevie reckoned he caught that many fish he was thinking about opening up a fish and chip shop at North Haven.

WELL, this time around, the “Golden-Haired Wonder Child” got more than he bargained for when he cast out and thought he had hooked a flying fish until he realised he had snared a pelican instead. Details are a bit sketchy about what happened after that, but no doubt “Storm Boy” Steph can enlighten anyone looking for more information. Let’s just hope it wasn’t Mr Percival.

Fashionable at the races

FORMER Apsley Street resident, Walcha Pool attendant and Sharks supporter Simon Hoy was home for the Walcha Races from his abode in Melbourne and attended the Calcutta at the B.C. last Thursday evening. At one stage during the bidding, auctioneer Angus MacTavish complimented Simon on his enthusiasm after he upped his own leading bid by $50.

SEERSUCKER Saturday” went well after it was organised on short notice to coincide with the Cathy Brennan Memorial Race Day on Saturday. Some of the Brennan family members along with a few friends were decked out in seersucker shirts after “fashion guru” Bradden Jackson made a statement a while back.

A FEW people were disappointed they weren’t involved but as just stated the whole thing was done with limited time after a snap decision was made to run with it. Wouldn’t be any surprise if “Seersucker Saturday” continues to grow and becomes an annual event.

A BIG thank you to Apsley Arms Hotel co-host Lizzie Manns who organised the shirts in time for the event last Saturday. Lizzie struck up a friendship with Cathie after purchasing the pub with partner Graeme Hislop nearly five years ago and wishes she got to spend a bit more time with her good mate.

Without giving too much away, the 'Fitzroy Rules the Pool' sign that was displayed in the pool kiosk may not be quite correct...

News from the deep end

DURING an early morning swim session last week “Boree” grazieress Rachael Laurie wasn’t sure what was on the bottom of the pool while knocking out a few laps but as she swam over the object and it didn’t move, Rach thought she had got lucky and it was a coin. Unfortunately, when she dived down to retrieve the “cash”, she came up with a seed pod off one of the pool plane trees which had found its way into the water.

THREE school swimming carnivals were held last week in ideal weather and water conditions. St Patrick’s kicked off all the action on Wednesday followed by Walcha Central the following day before the small schools finished off on Friday.

TWO records were set at the St Pat’s carnival both in breaststroke and formerly held by the same swimmer, Tempe Mcarthur-Onslow. In the 11 years age group, Tahlia Bird took a quarter of a second off the 50m time, while in junior girls, Tempe’s younger sister Sasha shaved half a second off the previous record.

ST Pat’s champions were Bateson Pittman and Ella Luchich (seniors), Will Hall and Tahlia Bird (11 years), Hunter Thornbury and Sasha Macarthur-Onslow (junior), Angus Fletcher and Georgina Arndale-Fuller (juvenile). Runners-up were Ollie Greig and Abi Van Eyk (seniors), Jack Healy and Sophie Timbs (11 years), Campbell Smith and Ella Lynch (junior) and Albert Green and Grace Smith (juvenile).

RED House won the St Pat’s carnival for the second year running after Blue House had won three in a row before that, following four on the trot by Red House. Nine swimmers qualified for the Diocesan Carnival next Thursday in Moree. Best of luck to all those competitors.

WALCHA Central were next cab off the rank, but as their results won't be revealed until next Monday at an assembly starting at 11.30am, they will be in next week's edition of the Walcha News.

ONE result that can be revealed though was Jackson Imberger, who won the "bellyflop" in grand style. After he won his heat, I mentioned to jackson that he couldn't do that again in the final and when he asked me why, my reply was along the lines of he would kill himself if he did. Didn't worry Jackson. His final flop was probably better than his opening attempt.

WITHOUT giving too much away, the "Fitzroy Rules the Pool" sign that was displayed in the pool kiosk may not be quite correct when the final points scores are announced. A few of the kids wanted to know why I was going for Fitzroy. Simple really - I was house captain back in 1974.

ON Friday, the small schools came together for their annual swim carnival and at the end of it all, Isabell Atkins (Niangala) was named the senior girl champion. Charlee Steep and Lachlan Weise, both from Yarrowitch, were the 11 years champions, while Katie Williams from the Woolbrook School was the junior girl champion.