What's the Goss || Bee sting a bit too close to the family jewels

COUNCIL truck driver Bobby Gardiner was on his way home in his work ute last Friday after a solid day’s toil and was passing the off-creek storage dam when a bee bit him on his inner thigh extremely close to the “family jewels”. Bob managed to get back to the works depot where he removed the stinger but was in a fair bit of discomfort after that.

SOME of the people Bob and his son Robert attend Kung Fu training with reckon Bob was very ginger when he turned up for the Friday session. As usual when a situation arises as the one Bob found himself in, there were plenty of comments made which would be better off not going to print.

NORTH St resident, Wests Tigers tragic and council employee John Bell experienced a few problems with his car when it broke down in Armidale recently. After the vehicle was transported back to John’s abode it sat idle until his son-in-law Lee Robertson did some repairs to it and got it going again, which “Belly” was unaware of.

JOHN'S daughter Tracey knew her brother-in-law “Pom” had fixed the car which was sitting in the same position as when it was returned from Armidale and mentioned to her father they needed to move it. Tracey suggested John push and she would steer but shortly after as “Pop” was straining away she started the car up and drove off. Ask “Belly” what his reaction was like.

NULLA-DOON grazieress Julianne Galvin did some shopping at Foodworks while in town from Niangala the other day, and when she got home could only find the frozen food items she had purchased. After sending a family member to the car to locate the missing groceries and returning empty handed, Julianne decided she better have a look herself. It was just about then Julianne realised she had left the rest of the items in town.

THE grand finals of the indoor hockey were decided last night where one of the teams playing was DTs but only after qualifying when all seemed lost. Extra time was called in the preliminary final on Monday night against Juicy Fruits after the full-time score was 3-3 with Juicy Fruits scoring a golden goal to “win”.

SHORTLY after some of the Juicy Fruits players reflected on the game and worked out they had only scored two goals during normal time and that DTs were the rightful winners 3-2 which meant no extra-time should have been needed. Well done to the Juicy Fruit team for their honesty.

CONGRATULATIONS to Walcha Central School students Jessica Wake and Hannah Dunn who have qualified for the Beef Cattle Paraders final at the Royal Easter Show. Jess was selected from the Armidale Show while Hannah went through from the Tamworth Show. Good on ya girls.

WARREN Park grazier Lance Partridge needed his camera fixed so fellow photography enthusiast James Levington sent it to a camera repair place in Elizabeth St in Sydney. James informed Lance about where the camera shop was and left it at that.

A WHILE later Lance decided he would drive down and pick up the camera up but after he drove up and down Elizabeth St without locating the camera place, he phoned James for an address to assist him in finding the joint. Lance was never going to locate the business at that time because he was in Tamworth and the camera shop was in Sydney.

Lance was never going to locate the business at that time because he was in Tamworth and the camera shop was in Sydney.

MY HUMBLE apologies to the Colts batsmen who missed out on a Poultry Farmer of the Week listing last week. No less than seven batsmen Jacob Sherrin, Dan Hunt, Cameron Little, Troy Tape, Tommy Le Strande, Lachie Hunt, and Chris Watts all failed to score a run when Colts were dismissed for 18 runs in the preliminary final.

IN THE grand final Swamp opener Ben France headed in to bat averaging 317 from his previous four outings at the crease and was distraught after he was dismissed for a duck. Just remember Ben, a little bloke by the name of Bradman probably wasn’t all that tickled pink when he went for a duck in his last dig and finished with a Test average of 99.94. 

LAST call for the footy tipsters in the NRL competitions around Walcha. You need to have your Round 1 selections in this afternoon before the opening match of the season between the Melbourne Storm and the Brisbane Broncos in Melbourne starting at 7.50pm.

CONGRATULATIONS to Swimming Club member Poppy McLaren who broke the 12 year and under girls 50 metre backstroke record, previously held by Georgia Brown since 2005, when she stopped the clock in 42.22 seconds - over half a second faster than the old time on Tuesday. Go Girls

WELL done to Chyna Smith on lowering her own Open girls 4x50 metre Individual Medley record by over three seconds in a time of 3min:02.03secs. That was Chyna’s fourth record of the season and Poppy’s first. 

ANOTHER Flippers member Cody Wellings was a bit weary at the end of Tuesday after he competed in the 4x50 medley and the 50 metre backstroke events at the championships. No doubt the 20 laps Cody swam for the first time that morning had something to do with his fatigue.