The Kentucky Progress Association does it again

Excellent weather and full participation ensured the Kentucky Progress Association's 2019 'Big Garage Sale Trail' was a success recently.

"It was by all accounts was a huge success as was previous year's sales," said organiser Deb McGrath.

"This is the fourth one we have run, but this time we had a couple of years in between, giving the locals plenty of time to dig out their treasures."

Mrs McGrath said the morning started at Kentucky General Store where the map was available for collection from 8.30am, and the garage sale attendees (Garage Sailors) were out in force for a bargain.

"The Kentucky Store and a neighbouring property were the first properties, followed closely by our car boot sale section where we had eleven stalls to pick through for a haggle and a sale," she said.

"The sun was shining, and it was a very brisk morning, this didn't deter the shoppers."

From there the 'Garage Sailors' travelled the village road and visited fourteen properties in pursuit of a bargain. Mrs McGrath said there was everything from the usual garage sale fare to the weird and wonderful.

"There were antiques and collectables, bric-a-brac and toys, baking and produce, lucerne and composted cow manure, chooks and working dogs, wool press and wool tables, pot belly stove and firewood, Ag bike and treadmill, palings and plants, horse gear and wine barrels, and a tractor," she said.

"One of the strangest best sellers were the sheep skulls which were in hot demand."

Twenty-five sellers participated in total, and all said they were happy to sign up again for another year. There were hundreds of ' Garage Sailors', and Mrs McGrath said she had feedback from many who said they had a great time.

"They said they met some lovely people, got some great bargains and discovered roads they had never been down," Mrs McGrath said.

One of the strangest best sellers were the sheep skulls

Deb McGrath

"We want to thank everyone who attended."

If you missed out - you will probably need to wait a few years as Mrs McGrath said the event would not run again next year.

"We are a very small committee and less than half of us end up with all the groundwork, so we like to space things out," she said.

"I'm not sure if we will do it again next year or the following one. Our next big day is the Kentucky Spring Fair and Challenge to be held in September."