New England North West super account balances affect comfortable retirement: Walcha averages $154,565

SUPER SAVE: New England North West residents' super balances differ depending on where residents live. Photo: File
SUPER SAVE: New England North West residents' super balances differ depending on where residents live. Photo: File

Retirement is looking comfortable for some locals with super account balances that are higher than the state and national average.

Walcha residents record the New England region's top super balances at about $154,565, followed by Armidale with $141,782.

Both are higher than the Australian average of $132,66, Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia data shows.

And they are bucking the trend of regional areas falling behind in retirement savings, comparing favourably with other centres, including Tamworth where the average super account balance is $109,920.

Generally, the closer people get to the coast or the city, the higher the superannuation, ASFA chief executive Martin Fahy said.

"Superannuation account balances are tied to income, so areas with a higher proportion of high income earners tend to have higher average superannuation account balances," he said.

"We see this in more affluent suburbs, in major cities, and in some 'sea change' or 'tree change' destinations."

Superannuation balances are affected by industry and occupation.

If an area has an above average amount of people working in public administration, education or health services the balances are likely to be higher than if most residents are employed in retail or transport.

Those who are self-employed more often than not have lower superannuation balances on average.

In regional areas like the Northern Tablelands, there's usually a higher number of self-employed people in the agriculture industry.

Couples who want to achieve a comfortable retirement need to spend about $61,061 every year and singles $43,255.

All Australians deserve to achieve a comfortable retirement, Dr Fahy said.

"Super has a crucial role to play in helping people achieve the standard of living in retirement that they want and deserve," he said.


"Its favourable tax treatment makes it a very good way to save.

"Making extra contributions to your account, consolidating multiple accounts and checking whether your account balance is on track using one of ASFA's calculators are a few simple measures that can help set you on track."

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