What's the Goss || Beyond their line of duty

A COUPLE of Walcha Council employees became good Samaritans recently when they lent assistance outside their normal line of duty.

First-up new kid on the block Jack Cox helped a koala in distress, and then traffic control coordinator Peter Griffith came to the rescue of a white cockatoo.

While working in the Nowendoc area Jack and his supervisor Cynthia Morris noticed a number of cattle stirring up a heap of dust by stamping their hooves on the ground.

On closer examination the cattle had surrounded a koala which had trouble escaping until council's new "Steve Irwin" Jack jumped in to carry out his good deed for the day.

A number of cattle were stirring up a heap of dust by stamping their hooves on the ground. On closer examination the cattle had surrounded a koala which had trouble escaping until council's new "Steve Irwin" Jack jumped in to carry out his good deed for the day.

A FEW days later Peter was working out at the Brackendale Road when he noticed a white cockatoo stunned on the side of the road which had possibly been hit by a car.

When Pete attempted to pick the injured bird up the feathered one didn't want anything to do with it and bit him on the finger which brought a chuckle out of his offsider Ray Foster.

By all accounts, the cockatoo is expected to make a full recovery.

WASN'T it great to see a couple of big falls of snow last weekend which helped put some much-needed moisture into the ground.

IT certainly was a very wintry day on Saturday, but it was good to see so many people turn up at the rugby for the renaming of the park to Peter Fenwicke Oval.

UNVEILING duties of one of the new signs went to Peter's sister Col King who looked slightly concerned about how she was going to reach the sign.

THOSE people who know Col would be fully aware she is not the tallest lady so I suggested to her that we might hoist her up onto the back of one of the nearby Utes and she could carry out her official duties from there.

WHEN it came time to reveal the new Peter Fenwicke Oval sign Col experienced no real problems and got the job done in front of family and friends including Peter's four sons: David, Jim, Murray and Geoff.

SHOULD be a big night Saturday when the Rams hold their 125 years ball at the Multi-Purpose Centre all tickets have been sold, and by every indication, there is going to be a lot of old faces returning to Walcha for the shindig.

DERBY Street resident Karen Brown was having a bit of trouble with the new sliding door at Foodworks the other day when she strolled straight past and was nearly up to Moons Bakery before she realised where she was.

AT THE time I was having a conversation with Boree Grazieress Racheal Laurie who mentioned to Karen that she had the same trouble not long back.

Hopefully, both Karen and Rachael have sorted the door out by now.

WALCHA Council employee Roos winger and Parramatta supporter Dean Kelly featured in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend in the Rapala catch of the week.

"SNOWY" caught and released a sizeable 127cm Murray Cod which entitles him to a Rapala high-performance spinning real for his effort.

THE Walker Jillaroos had their Silly Sunday the day after they were eliminated from the Group 19 second division Ladies League Tag competition last Saturday.

ALTHOUGH Hannah Byrne, Alysha Laurie, Hayley Cox and Chloe Swanton were up for nudie runs after failing to score a try during the season they must have thought it was too cold to get their gear off last Sunday.

A FEW of the Roos players joined in the fun with the Jillaroos. Winger Jack Pittman received the players player club and group best and fairest points after he completed his nudie run in what could only be described as less than favourable weather conditions. Gutsy effort, Jack.

FOR a number of years now Dick Bowden has been my long-suffering snooker partner but things hit an all-time low last week when we played Michael Martin and Tommy Wicks in the Ex-Services doubles championships.

In four consecutive shots, I managed four fouls which accumulated into 19 points being handed to our opponents.

The first one was when I missed the red, and the cue ball rebounded off a cushion before rolling between another seven reds without touching one.

Throw in hitting the brown and blue then sinking the pink while I was attempting to hit a red each time, and you can only imagine the look on Dick's face.

BIG Wigs of the week: Apsley- Lizzie Manns; Newie - Emma Hillier, Andrew Kelly, Victor Coulter, Fraser Evans, Liam Brennan, Peter Steep, John McCormack, Graeme Kelly, Mark 'the dwarf' Neil, Ben Green, Purc Berry and Julie Keogh all 14 points; Vet Supplies - Peter King 12 points.

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