Vietnam veterans remembered but did not speak of the unspeakable

Douglas Lennox OAM and Scott Sullivan RSL CEO

Douglas Lennox OAM and Scott Sullivan RSL CEO

Church bells tolled as veterans began their service of remembrance on Sunday, for Vietnam Veterans' Day.

For winter it was a warm and sunny morning. The wives and friends of veterans sat on the chairs outside the perimeter of the cenotaph.

Sadness was present also the kindness that was shared amongst the men for each other witnessed. Armidale does celebrate their heroes.

Armidale Military Museum at the corner of Mann and Allingham Streets has an extensive collection open to the public.

People who attended the veterans day of remembrance are placing the men and women who served in Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Peace Keepers in their prayers. There were many who were remembering people who had died but also those who have been saddened by the loss of mates or loved ones.

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