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Govenor of NSW Margaret Beazley with partner Dennis Wilson.
Govenor of NSW Margaret Beazley with partner Dennis Wilson.

LAST Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Government House in Sydney to collect my Order of Australia medal from the Governor, The Honourable Margaret Beazley, and what a down-to-earth lady her excellency is. Even after the official investiture had been completed the Governor was more than willing to mix with the recipients for a chat.

FROM the time my much better half Linda, son Ben and I arrived at Government House we were looked after by the staff members there in a very friendly manner which helped me get over a nervous stage and I was completely put at ease. It was an absolute credit to all those staff members - each and every one of them.

BEFORE I left for the medal ceremony our local GP Adrian Allen asked me to remind the Governor that the invitation to visit Walcha was still open after he offered it to her and he received his O.A.M earlier in the year. When I relayed the message the Governor informed me that she hopes to make the trip some time in the future but unfortunately it probably wouldn't be this year.

ONCE again I would like to thank the Walcha community members who have congratulated me on the medal as there are still people coming up to me in the street extending their support. Thanks heaps and it is something I won't forget.

DURING the recent windy weather conditions, Golf Club president Allan Green phoned life member Neil Dark and asked him if he could go out to the clubhouse and investigate some sarking which was apparently flapping around in the breeze. He replied in the affirmative and was soon on his way.

AFTER locating the best place to lodge the ladder Neil was quickly up on the roof to get the job done, but shortly after he realised he was going to find it difficult to climb back down because the ladder had blown over and was on the ground. Luckily he had his mobile phone with him and a quick call to club handicapper Don Brooks relieved the situation.

Neil was quickly up on the roof to get the job done, but shortly after he realised he was going to find it difficult to climb back down because the ladder had blown over and was on the ground.

WALCHA Council director of engineering services boss Dylan Reeves was on leave last week, so when the weekly supervisors meeting came around last Thursday someone suggested urban works chief Steph Sweeney take control of proceedings as he reckons he always "runs the show around here".

BY ALL accounts, it didn't take Engineering Services deputy Luke Andrews long to knock back the offer, suggesting the golden-haired wonder child would have trouble running a bath let alone a supervisors' meeting. All in good fun and certainly some tongue-in-cheek at the time.

MICHELLE Wayte received somewhat of a surprise last week when the fire brigade landed on her doorstep looking for a fire. Word has it Shell had a small contained fire going at the back of the house where she was about to toast some marshmallows with the kids Lucas and Myla - but that all came to an abrupt halt.

DURING a conversation with Roos captain Steve Eveleigh last Saturday, we discussed how a certain team that finished higher on the footy competition ladder might get a couple of chances when it came around to semi-finals and "Dizzy" reckons it was good to see those clubs get two bites of the apple. I've always thought it was two bites of the cherry, but anyway.

LAST week when I visited FoodWorks, butcher Jake LeStrande was strolling around the shop and the cool room in some distress looking for something. At the same time, I spotted a notebook and pen in the meat section of the fridge and asked one of the other butchers Johnny Cross what it was doing there to which he replied: "that is exactly what Jake's looking for".

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for three of my fellow council employees: "Bob" Dylan Reeves, Karla Lovell and Hayden Jarman on the recent new arrivals into their lives. Bob's wife Sammy presented him with a baby girl Ruby; Karla and her partner Ben Clifton now have a baby boy, Hadley; while Jarmo and his partner Caitlin Hollis are proud parents of a little boy Levi Lloyd. Well done guys.

EARLIER in the week Fitzroy Street resident, Reggie Handsaker informed Newie barmaid Lisa Swanton he was heading home to cook some fish where he would be using a method of putting surface spray in the pan to commence proceedings. Not long after there was a realisation Reggie meant cooking spray not the other.

BIG WIGS of the week - Apsley; Max Abraham 14 points; Newie - Paddle's Chandler, Ray Foster, Peter Steep 12 points; Bowling Club - Mick Steep 12 points; Special mention - Margaret Swanton failed to register a point at the Newie.

WINNING tipsters - Newie: Nathan Dennis 264, AJ Cross 260, Ross Green, DG Clare, Jimmy Stackman 250; Bowling Club - Stephen 'Normie' Goodwin 260, Margaret Morris 256, Jenny Bowden, AJ Cross 250; Apsley - AJ cross 25, Lizzie Mann 25, DG Claire 2 6. WalchaVet Supplies continue their competition throughout the semi finals.

GO the Rams!