What's the Goss || Andy gets hometown reception

FORMER Walcha resident Andy Olrich rode into town Wednesday of last week with 59 other riders and a support crew of 25 on Day 6 of their 1000km fundraising trek for Camp Quality.

They started at the Gold Coast and finished at Maitland eight days later, attempting to raise $350,000 for the charity of which Andy had raised $18,500 himself by the time he got to Walcha.

AS ANDY rode into town he admired the new facility at the showground and the new monument which he acknowledged out aloud - not that any of the other crew members knew what he was talking about.

AS Andy rode into town he admired the new facility at the showground and the new monument which he acknowledged out aloud - not that any of the other crew members knew what he was talking about.

As he hit the bottom of Derby Street hill Heather Scott was the first local who recognised him and then "Pet and Porky" who all yelled their support.

THAT certainly grabbed the attention of Andy's fellow riders who then asked him if he knew everyone in town.

He might not know everybody but he certainly knows a few, especially the people he met up with outside Walcha Central School when he went around to visit the house his grandparents Rick and Marie Martine used to live in next to the school.

HEARD a whisper North Street resident Julie Bird was talking on her mobile phone one-day last week when she thought it would be a good idea if she located the 'dog and bone' that she was actually using at the time.

IT HAPPENED a while back, but still worthy of a mention when Walcha Council engineer Luke Andrews and Rural Roads supervisor Wayne Brennan headed down Cowsby Road to check on a road Peter Norbury requested to be graded.

On arrival Peter told Luke and Brenno not to be concerned about his dog Biggles which was fine until the hound cocked his leg and relieved himself on Brenno's leg.

WALCHA Council have a sheet with all the two-way radio numbers and supervisor's telephone numbers on it including all the recent new employees.

One such new arrival is Troy Westrand who not a lot of people will know simply because it is really meant to be Troy Le Stande.

UP AT the Council if you're in the 'Luck of the draw' footy tipping competition and you don't select teams each week, you are drawn a team and whatever points your side scores that is what you get.

HEAD mechanic and Roosters supporter Stephen 'Pole' Bath is the winner this season after he accumulated 600 points through the competition.

Deon 'Longhandle' Lawrence was runner-up on 586 while John 'Stork' Brazel finished third on 572.

AT THE beginning of the season my oldest sister Tracy suggested we have a few beverages on the outcome of that particular competition where the person who finished with the most points between the two of us shouts the loser.

How could you possibly knock back an offer like that?

WITH one round remaining 'Trackey' drew the Titans and I copped the Rabbitohs which made me think it's all over I'll lose because I was only three points behind her.

Funny thing happened - the Titans scored 16 points in their final game and so did the Bunnies which meant Tracy finished on 436 and yours truly registered 433. Sports betting what a marvelous thing it is!

But always remember gamble responsibly.

LONG time council employee and before that DMR crew member Gordon Mitchie called it a day when he retired from the council a couple of Fridays ago.

Mitch was on the council for over 30 years and the two of us did a stint together on the New South Wales railways back in the late 1970s at Walcha Road.

All the best in your retirement Mitch.

THE Walcha Rugby League held their annual presentation a few weeks ago where Jillaroos player Ruth France and her husband Ben were part of the crowd.

Nothing strange about that but apparently the 'Dynamic Duo' had turned up the previous Saturday and thought there wasn't much of attendance for the prize giving.

A QUICK check of their entry tickets revealed Ruth and Ben were a week early and there was no real need to hire a babysitter that particular evening.

The second time around Ben kindly handled the duties of saying grace while Ruth collected one of the co-coach awards from Bonnie Brown and Robyn Broadbent.


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