What's the Goss || Bride gets hand with the ring

Bride gets hand with the ring

WELL wasn't that a party and a half at The Pavilion in Nemingah last Saturday when Jonny Cross and Stephanie Murray tied the knot. There was no goose present to interrupt proceedings as has happened on previous occasions but there was a different variety of bird there chirping away in the background.

EVERYTHING was going along smoothly until Steph attempted to slip the ring on Jonny's finger. When the marriage celebrant made a suggestion to change hands Steph's reply was, "Well I haven't done this before", which brought plenty of smiles to the dials of those present.

'Well I haven't done this before', which brought plenty of smiles to the dials of those present.

ONE thing that can be said about the reception is that anyone that went home hungry and is looking for someone to blame, the best suggestion would be to find a mirror and peer directly into it. Thanks to Jonny and Steph for asking me to be their emcee and also to the Murray and Cross families for putting on such a great show.

THERE would have been a few weary warriors getting around last Sunday morning after handing in eye-catching performances at the wedding reception. Then again there were a few more on Monday morning after putting in wholehearted efforts while watching the NRL grand final which apparently went to midnight for some.

ONE particular Dragons supporter was doing it tough at the Newie on Monday afternoon when he attempted to drink one schooner but needed four separate attempts to achieve his goal. There was a mention at one stage he would be better off downing a Tooheys Old instead of what he was drinking, which was met with a very negative response.

HEARD a whisper Apsley Street resident, local builder, and former English wrestler Mal Ballard experienced a bit of wheelie bin trouble last week when he hooked his bin on the tow ball of his ute before towing it up to his front gate.

NO dramas so far but Mal forgot to unhook the wheelie bin and as he journeyed past Wilba Haslem's place he passed Luke Notley coming in the opposite direction who noticed a small black wheel fly across the road, which was of course off the bin Mal was still towing. Wonder how things would have turned out if Mal had reached 100km per hour?

STILL on wheelie bins, Walcha Council senior manager of water, sewer and waste Tess Dawson was towing hers to the front of her property in Middle Street when the bin hit a bit of a bump and disengaged from the tow ball just before the contents were scattered across the access track. Although no loud obscenities were heard, the odd thought may have passed through the mind of Tess as she picked up the rubbish.

I DON'T know how he did it but somehow Barry Hoad dropped a $2 coin between the carpet and the Newie bar last Sunday after golf. When Barry unsuccessfully attempted to retrieve the coin Mal Ballard had a go, and then Wayne Brennan, but all to no avail as the coin continued to disappear down the cavity. Enter Ross Green who produced a small instrument from his pocket and got the job done.

DAYLIGHT savings change over usually catches someone out and this year word has it that newsagent Quinton Titmus may have put his clock back one hour instead of forward. Check with Quinto or his better half Karina for all the details.

AS Julie Hoad had nearly finished walking to the Newie last Sunday I was about to coast up behind her on my bike and tap her on the shoulder when her grandson Levi warned Julie about what was happening. When Julie turned around and spotted me at close range she let out a shriek before asking me to give her a break as she had been attacked by a magpie during her stroll shortly beforehand.

BYAMBI resident on the Uralla Road Darrell James Brazel encountered a somewhat messy situation recently while transporting a dozen buckets of sheep nuts from the nearby property of Mick Steep 'Irishtown' to his place. During the transportation process 'Bikie' hit a kangaroo causing 12 buckets of sheep nuts to scatter throughout his vehicle which by all accounts didn't impress his two hounds 'Patch' and 'Ella' all that greatly.

AROUND the same time 'Bikie' couldn't work out why 'Stella' the magpie kept swooping him despite Darrell feeding his feathered friend on a regular basis. Maybe 'Stella' thought the swooping part enhanced the chances of being rewarded with a feed.

LAST week I was having trouble contacting director of Engineering Services 'Bob' Dylan Reeves so I phoned the front office and asked Charlotte Lyon if there was a council meeting on that day.

Charlotte replied there wasn't as it had been held the previous week before I counted with; "I thought they were on the last Wednesday of the month". Charlotte politely informed me that was correct and we were now in the month of October.

URBAN Works supervisor Steph Sweeney was having trouble with the handlebars of his bike so he got workshop 2IC Darren Bird to weld a couple of parts together. After that Dazza decided to spruce up the handlebars with a nice coating of pink paint which certainly impressed the 'golden-haired wonder child' when he arrived to collect them.