RFS crews work through the night fighting the out-of-control fire at Yarrowitch

A man protecting his Yarrowitch property east of Walcha from an out of control bushfire suffered severe burns and was flown by Westpac Rescue Helicopter to Port Macquarie Hospital early on Thursday evening.

The chopper was tasked to the rural property at about 5.30 pm.

Upon arrival at the location the critical care medical team were winch inserted to assist Ambulance New South Wales paramedics who were already on the scene providing aid to the 50-year-old male who had serious burns to his legs and hand.

Once stabilised, the man was stretcher winched to the helicopter along with the medical team and flown directly to Port Macquarie Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

The Rural Fire Service (RFS) announced an emergency warning for the bush fire burning in the Stockyard Flat, Spur Trail, Yarrowitch, Oxley Wild River National Park area just after lunch on Thursday. The fire more than doubled in size on that afternoon. It has now burnt out close to 6,000 hectares and is still out of control.

An emergency warning remains in place with residents urged to leave the area.

On Thursday night, the RFS said there is an increase in fire activity on the southern edge of the fire.

Crews are on scene to protect properties and are supported by aircraft, who are continuing to attack the blaze to slow the spread.

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