What's the Goss? || Preston proves he's a game ambassador

Legend: Ben Ussher and AJ Cross interview Preston Campbell who was open with his answers no matter what the content and touched on some dark periods in his life as well as the good times.
Legend: Ben Ussher and AJ Cross interview Preston Campbell who was open with his answers no matter what the content and touched on some dark periods in his life as well as the good times.

IN A day and age where most of the stories about football players are usually negative, what a breath of fresh air 2001 Dally M medallist and 2003 NRL Premiership winner Preston Campbell was late last week. During the couple of days he was in town Preston was more than generous with his time, speaking freely to those interested in talking to him, having his photo taken with plenty of admirers and signing autographs.

LAST Thursday Preston visited John Oxley Sports Ground where he played with several different touch footy teams including Cougars. He had just run onto the ground when Walcha Road sheriff Chris Cooney nearly put him over in the corner. Preston may have lost a bit of speed but the skills are still there.

AT Festival Friday Preston was interviewed by Ben Ussher and myself. It was not only a pleasure but a privilege to ask the Gold Coast Titans first life member a few questions and I thank the organisers for giving me that chance.

LAST week the what's the goss lead story was about 'Violet' the first Wallaby to visit the Walcha pool in its 49-year existence after the bushfire orphan hopped around there a couple of Saturdays ago. My humblest apologies to former Wallaby half back Sam Payne who has frequented the pool on many occasions before that.

EARLIER in the week Walcha Central School Girl Ali Kealey and her mum Jen didn't communicate with each other as they left their home 'Marinka' in a hurry. On arrival at school Ali was about to put on her shoes after thinking her mother had grabbed them for her but that wasn't the case at all which meant Ali had to commence school wearing just her socks.

THE Primary School student did think outside the square come recess time when she made up makeshift footwear by wrapping cardboard around her feet and then using gaffa tape to secure it. Should have put a patent on it Ali, it might just catch on.

A WHILE back local golfers Angus Monie and Craig Morgan along with a couple of golfing mates from Armidale won an all-expenses trip to Melbourne to watch The Presidents Cup golf event this weekend. Not only are Gus and Morgs excited, so are their wives Pip and Prue who are making the trip also.

OVER in Sports Shorts there is a report on cricketers Peter Boyd and Rowan Chandler competing in the Over 70s National Vets carnival at Albury recently. The dynamic duo travelled there together and when Chalky arrived at Duke's place he parked his gear in Peter's vehicle including his golf sticks.

JUST before departure Rowan decided to have a final check to see if he had left anything behind and luckily he did because his cricket gear was still in it. Duke did enquire if Chalky was going for the cricket or the golf.

TALK about events at both ends of the scale at one place. Two weekends ago at Twin Creeks in Sydney's west. golfer AJ Brennan teed off in the NSW Open while last weekend cowboy Tyson Smith was at the same place riding bulls. In the extreme bull ride,

TYSON was the best of 22 competitors winning the opening round and although he was bucked off in round two he had accumulated enough points to finish third overall. In doing so Tyson has qualified for the pro bull ride in Tamworth on the 18th of January which just happens to be his 21st birthday.

THE Ann Berry Memorial Golf day is being held this Saturday with registrations taken from 9.30am for a 10am shotgun start.

NOT so long back Wayne Brennan and I were discussing who we played with last year at the same event and there was mention made it may have been Waynes' son, Andrew. When Brenno approached AJto ask if he would like to be on our team this time around Andrews reply was along the lines of "why wouldn't I, we won it together last year". Memory - what a great thing it is.